After two more or less light episodes, we go right into the RJ plot again in this new and thrilling episode. The order is different this time, though – because the first person who is back is not RJ, but Lorelei…

Much like Jane, Lorelei is on a mission – she wants to avenge her sister. To do that, she is ready to do anything – I guess they are pretty much alike after all – not even torturing and killing a person. Jane, on the other hand, is shocked when he sees the video footage of the nanny cam that filmed Lorelei beating and tasering a woman before she shot her dead.
And of course; we remember that it was him who freed Lorelei from prison in the first place. So he’s basically an accessory to murder; that’s what Lisbon tells him also. Because Lisbon knows. Knows that he helped Lorelei – but never said anything. Here we again see how deep this relationship between them goes; Lisbon risks everything by keeping a secret what she as an officer of the law, and any other sensible person for that matter, should report. It also means that by keeping it a secret, keeping it between the two of them, Lisbon herself also becomes a helper of Lorelei.
The trust and faith Lisbon has in Jane is absolutely fascinating. Surely there is also a part of it coming from her feelings for him, but still, a few years back this would have been unthinkable and impossible. Now, however, she is the most important person in his life he can have – because she stands at his side, no matter what.
It’s doesn’t keep her from reminding Jane who he should work with though:
I am your partner, not her, you need to be honest with me.”
Apart from that voicing what we know, that she more or less promises her loyalty, there is also something else in her words: She says “I”. Not we; this is not about the team. This is not about them helping Jane, as they have before; it is just about the two of them, Jane and Lisbon. It’s interesting how the team is excluded here; and that ultimately this show has come down to just Jane and Lisbon.
Later on Jane meets with Lorelei – accidentally though. He followed a lead and came across her; he had no idea she would be there. I don’t know if this is believable, but surely it was played that way. This is not to say that maybe he didn’t expect her to be there after all, even if he didn’t know for sure. And of course he lets her go again – thinking that when she learns the truth, that RJ had her sister killed, she’ll hate her “employer” and tell Jane his name. It sound logical, mind you. It also could have worked. But this is THE MENTALIST, and it’s about the long search for RJ.
Following the “meeting” with Lorelei, and the fact that Jane once again let the woman run, Jane and Lisbon have another argument that takes quite the interesting turn. It’s like they have a whole conversation hidden beneath a few strategically placed words/sentences that don’t make that much sense to anyone else probably; especially because they seem to be taken out of context.
Because when Lisbon confronts Jane, it is not about him letting go a woman who killed someone; a woman who is associated with a known serial killer. It is not about committing another crime, or at least adding to the one he’s already committed by repeatedly helping Lorelei. No – it suddenly turns into a discussion about feelings, and how Jane is led by his infatuation with Lorelei. To which he claims that he doesn’t feel anything for her – causing a pretty fierce reaction from Lisbon, telling Jane that this is now most certainly a lie.
And they both realize what is happening. Because after Lisbon’s outbreak a pause follows; a quiet moment, uncomfortable even, in which both all too well know what is up. That Lisbon’s words are motivated by jealousy because there is no other explanation for her anger, and that Jane realizes where Lisbon’s reaction comes from. There is something unspoken between them and we all know what it is, but they are not yet ready to address it.
Instead, Lisbon gives Jane an ultimatum – and Jane reacts by confessing that he may feel something for Lorelei. The whole thing felt like a husband talking to his wife about his undercover op and that she needs to understand what he has to do to not endanger the mission. But that at the end of the day, he will always come home to her.
So as I said, there is much to read between the lines, and this whole conversation has much more to it then only what can be heard.
A familiar face we see again in this episode is Bob Kirkland from Homeland Security. And really, I don’t like that guy. First he shows up at the crime scene, wanting to be kept in the loop regarding Lorelei and any progress in that case, and not only the characters wonder what HomeSec has to do with Lorelei. Then he listens in when Lisbon is updating Bertam; wisely keeping vital information about RJ, the things Jane has entrusted her with, to herself. Seeing Bertram and Kirkland together, and especially seeing Kirkland hiding with Bertams knowledge, makes me believe that those two are extremely close to RJ – if not the man himself. My money is on Kirkland at the moment.
And then we have HomeSec taking over a suspect/vic of Lorelei’s, Jason Lennon, in the end, keeping the one man who could tell Jane RJ’s name, away from Jane. Which once again steers suspicion towards Kirkland.
Before that last scene we see Jane actually helping Lorelei – when she is about to torture another man who has a part in her sisters murder, Jane stops her and instead asks the Lennon, makes him say the truth by threatening to leave him alone with Lorelei. Of course does Jane stop the violence here, and also seems to believe that by having the man tell the truth, Lorelei would spare his life. Furthermore does Jane manage to have Lorelei learn who ordered her sister’s murder – Red John. But contrary to what Jane was hoping, she doesn’t tell him RJ’s name; she rather wants to pursue the killer herself. And to make matters worse she also shoots Lennon so that he won’t be able to talk – and thus also won’t be able to tell Jane RJ’s name he clearly knows.
However, Lennon is not yet dead; he’s still barely alive and Jane tries to save him. That’s when HomeSec comes in and takes Lennon into their custody, shutting Jane out, literally and figuratively.
The episode ends with another death – Lorelei’s. Killed by Red John, as her picture and the smiley on the wall tell us. What I thought was interesting about that scene was where RJ killed/left Lorelei – it’s amidst machines and stuff from a carnival/fair. Is this a hint? It is never addressed; no one says anything about it, least of all Jane. But all this seems to be one big message for Jane…
One other thing that’s mentionable: From our series of moments that show how much Jane, Lisbon and their relationship has changed over the years, we have that little scene where Jane sits in Lisbon’s office while she isn’t there. When she finally comes in, he thanks her (for not telling Bertram anything), and then goes. It’s nothing Jane would have done five years ago; but now he knows exactly what he has in Lisbon, how important she is to him, and by now it is also worth waiting in her office and the like to him.

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