This is gonna be a very short review. There’s to really much to write about it – it was simple yet entertaining, but mythology-wise didn’t happen anything.

Most notably about this 17th episode of the season is surely the moment Jane and Lisbon sing. Yes, they made Simon and Robin sing. I read on Twitter that they had said in an interview that it is one of the things they’d never want to do and… well. Cue the very, very nasty Mentalist writers to make them 😀
Alas, the moment was a cute one. But I felt for them. They are both not the greatest singers in the world, and they obviously weren’t all that happy. But, as any good actor would do they went through with it, and the result is a scene that surely makes one smile. Gotta admit though that I didn’t know the song. Or didn’t recognize it? ^^
What’s more important about that scene and moment is that the two of them – Jane and Lisbon I guess (and hope? O.o) were in their own little world. They looked at each other and seemed to forget everything around them for a moment. It’s these little scenes that make me ship them so much, because theirs is such a special relationship. Maybe the fact that it is non-physical is that best about it; who knows. Not that I’d mind a kiss or anything. Nooo, what kind of fangirl I’d be then?! O:-)
It’s another one of those episodes that sees mostly Jane and Lisbon, working the case. Good old times; leaving not much to do for the rest of the team, not on-screen anyways. I’m not complaining either; I like these… you can almost say chamber plays. Simple, easy to digest, episodes to lean back and enjoy. It’s great that they have that in between.
Here we find out that Jane likes gardenias; that they are even his favorites. And we see him offering to buy Lisbon something to eat – not because he’s getting himself something anyways, because he didn’t. No, it’s simply him showing that he cares. It another one of these little moments, easy to miss and yet there.
And we have another moment in which Lisbon begins to doubt/question something, and one look from Jane is enough to convince her to have once again faith in his judgment and ways. It shows that especially when it comes to the case of the week she trusts him implicitly – because she knows that he is almost always right. And in the past five years we’ve seen that development from her defying him and his ways/ideas to her defending him and letting him do what he believes is necessary, only stopping him when he really is going too far, although on that side we see a development as well, where he tries to more fit her sense of rightness.
And that’s about it – a nice episode with a touching case; the whole soldiers who can’t remember idea was very interesting, and I’d actually even would have loved to see more of Jane’s work with the one he tried to help in the end (who was also a suspect and witness later on).

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