Despite the rather light case of the week, involving a murder at a musical production (and I love musicals… sighs…), this episode also throws us right back into the Red John storyline.

Rather than being at the latest crime scene, Jane is sitting in the hospital. He’s waiting for Jason Lennon to wake up, so he can finally learn Red John’s name. Lisbon, when she calls him, of course knows where Jane is; she doesn’t even has to guess. Now can anyone please claim again that Lisbon doesn’t know him? 😉
Kirkland gives himself not exactly friendly; he wants Jane gone (surprise, surprise), and doesn’t even refrain from letting one of his men get rid of him. Good thing Jane has an ally – nurse Sheila was also the one who let Jane in even though it’s a secured ward of the hospital.
Lisbon, however, is not as friendly as Sheila. She is actually grumpy because Jane bothers Kirkland and gets in his way. Interesting she would say/think that, even though she has to suspect something’s up. Or does she have her own theory about who Red John is and who is working for the serial killer? Maybe Lisbon suspects Bertram, but trusts Kirkland…
Anyways, they talk at the crime scene about it, and it is done in hushed voices, in a very private manner. It is something that has, emotionally, such an importance, that they can’t wait discussing it back at the office, or wherever it would be more appropriate; it has to be right then and there. And it brings forth an aspect that was named a longer time ago already: That Jane might not be around forever. I know that this is entirely open for interpretation, but when Lisbon tells Jane that he should pursue his “case” (for the lack of a better word) when he is on his own time, and not during working hours, he replies: “When I am not on my own time?”
Rightfully, Lisbon’s reaction comes with a shocked/hurt expression on her face. But let’s think about it – it’s not all that wrong. That, if and when Jane helps the CBI is entirely in his hands. He knows that they need him, otherwise they wouldn’t keep him around; he’s too much of a bother for that. But he has also made it clear before that this work is merely a pastime for him, something he does because he has nothing else to do, and it is of course a tool to find Red John; but not more. Consequently, he is telling Lisbon indirectly that he won’t be around forever; because right now he plans to leave the moment Red John has been caught/is dead. What will really happen then is now up to the time (and writers), but for now this is what we work with here.
That Lisbon is shocked – I take a wild guess and say it comes from her having thought that with everything that has happened, everything that has developed in the past years, he has changed his mind by now and will stay, even after the Red John case is solved. That he is still holding on to his plans to leave might come as a surprise to Lisbon, and it also seems to hurt her. Understandably so.
At the end of the episode we have Sheila call Jane to tell him that they bring Lennon out of his coma – he should come over right now. Little does she know that she has every right to sound as panicky and urging as she does. Because when Jane finally arrives, Lennon is already dead. Only that the audience is the only witness of what caused the suspect-witness’ death.
Before, when Lennon wakes up, he finds Kirkland sitting at his bedside. Kirkland inquires to know whether Lennon knows him, has seen him before. Lennon says no; he’s sure he’s never seen Kirkland. Then Kirkland takes out a syringe and injects air into Lennon’s IV, causing a heart failure – all the while telling him that if he was in such a position, what with being a murder suspect and all, Kirkland would be happy to have a friend who would do that – the murder he’s the committing – for him. A friend. Sound familiar? It certainly does. This is classic RJ speech.
So once again I think that either Kirkland is very, very closely associated with Red John, or is even the killer himself. I just wonder why Kirkland wanted to know whether Lennon has seen him and can identify him. This seems to be nothing else than a simple mind game, which also would only make sense if Kirkland was Red John, because who else had reason to do that?
Little look back to the middle of the ep when Grace returns. Interesting moment here when she and Rigsby practically jump at each other, as if they’d love to hug each other to the ground (among other things), but then only stand in front of each other. Whereas Lisbon does get a hug. I think no one would have objected a hug – but I’m certain that their feelings did; that they don’t even dare to touch. Well, something tells me that someone will get back together… 😉
Case-related I just want to say that I immensely enjoyed seeing Donna Murphy. I think she is a great woman and actress, and it’s wonderful that she finds the time to play in a TV show. Also, she indeed, as Jane says, has a beautiful voice, and I was very happy that she didn’t turn out to be the baddie in the end.

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