The week THE MENTALIST taught us that even a coffee between colleagues can be quite chilly for the viewer. But then I guess everything’s chilly when it comes to one certain person…

We start by emphasizing that it is indeed only Lisbon who is allowed to enter Jane’s attic. When Cho is approaching – and Jane identifies him before he can even knock, I thought that was funny 😉 – Jane simply tells him that he’ll be with him in a minute; he doesn’t even open the door. Instead he even waits for Cho to leave before he comes out. I wonder if Jane actually doesn’t trust Cho, or if this is merely a case of keeping as few people informed as possible – here just Lisbon, because who else needs to know when the team, if necessary, follows Lisbon’s orders anyways?
While the team is working the case, Lisbon is still busy in a meeting of sorts – a meeting with Kirkland. They are shown having coffee and talking, about Red John of course. Once again Kirkland insist that Lisbon keeps him in the loop; he manages to remain friendly all the time, but I can’t help myself but feel that there is a certain threatening attitude in his demeanor, his talking. Can just be me; or maybe it is actually there, seeing how defiant Lisbon is. But then she always is when someone fishes for information she promised Jane not to share.
When Lisbon arrives at the crime scene later, she immediately informs Jane that Kirkland was trying to get her to talk. It’s curious how they both agree that Kirkland is odd; that “everything about him is” even. I really didn’t expect Lisbon to say that, but then is she for one not stupid, and two is Jane probably enough of an influence. And last but not least trusts she Jane more than Kirkland, naturally.
And rightfully. While Jane and the team are out, someone else is in – two agents, as we will later find out, Kirkland sent, disguised as workers/technicians. While at the security check they seem to be all innocent and harmless, a few seconds later we see them approach Jane’s attic. They break open the lock and get to work – work that means photographing and documenting every single piece of Jane’s deduction. Then they leave again.
Unbeknownst to them, wisely suspicious Jane had another safety built in – namely a toothpick that now lies broken on the floor, and is found like this later by Jane. All the while at Kirkland’s office he literally makes his subordinates bow out (how he made them go and how they immediately followed his orders was very telling) before he begins the reconstruct the pictures until he has, at the end of the episode, the complete deduction lying before him, looking exactly the same as Jane’s.
Which made me wonder whether there’s something Jane hasn’t written down; I assume that everything that is on that board is what can also be read in the case files – but the real vital things are only in his head. At least that is what I hope.
On a side note we have another nice moment between Jane and Lisbon when they approach a man who’s playing a few sleights of hand; a shell game with cups. Before Jane intervenes in any way, they exchange a look; one that, for one, surely has them silently note that this is just the perfect thing to get information maybe, to bring the case forth. But it is also another nice moment when they simply acknowledge each other’s presence. I can’t really describe it, but there is something special and intimate to these moments; a kind of silent communication that isn’t something you find all day.
And then there is Rigsby/Van Pelt. The running gag of the episode is that Rigsby gave Van Pelt one monster of a potted plant – an orchid – as a welcome back gift. Everyone knows who it is from, and they also address it, which leads to a few funny moments. Cho is much more pragmatic – as always – simply telling Rigsby in his very own way that he is a coward: “You’re still in love with her, and instead of telling her, you bought her a plant.”
So Rigsby for once tries to be brave… but is faced with an obstacle no one of us did expect: Duncan. Duncan is Grace’s new boyfriend she got to know in LA. Awkward. Looking forward what happens next; after all, next week’s episode will have Grace and Wayne visit a “love doctor”, undercover as a couple… or are they?

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