Shortly before the finale, Bruno and his team give us a light-hearted episode that is especially a treat for all Rigsby/Van Pelt shippers out there.

And this is also how the episode starts. When Grace shows up late at the crime scene, Rigsby gives himself grumpy. He is unprofessional and snappy, and all that in front of a witness he was just asking a few questions. That Grace has once again another man at her side than himself is nagging at him.
For now, however, there’s work to do, and Wayne resorts to doing it with Cho. And Jane – over the phone. Jane is in his attic, and tells Cho and Rigsby that he won’t come out to the scene because there’s a few things he needs to do. But he’s happy to help via phone.
And Jane has taught the team well. When Rigsby goes describing the bedroom, he tells Jane exactly the important things – that it looks all clean and cold, that there are pictures etc. Another way of telling us that Jane will be gone one day? Who knows. But I love(d) that the team has actually learned something from him, seeing that it is indeed useful, even if not always the usual police work method.
Later on we find Jane lying on his cot in the attic. He’s reading when he hears footsteps – and identifies them as Lisbon’s. Just like he did with Cho the episode before… this is becoming a running gag (pun intended) *gg*.
Lisbon wants him to come out, but he declines. Obviously he is not in the mood. That is until Lisbon tells him that she needs him. Tactic? I don’t know. But the way she says it doesn’t speak of calculation; she actually means it, even though she sort of refuses to say it, which becomes clear through her lowered voice. She doesn’t want to admit it, but it seems to be the truth nevertheless.
And indeed, that does the trick. This is such a heart-warming moment. Jane hears her say the words, and immediately lets his book sink; looking thoughtful for a moment. Seconds later he opens the door, telling Lisbon that it is nice to be needed. They exchange a smile – that kind of gentle smile that is so small but yet so genuine. There are spoken volumes between them with few words. They know there is more to this moment, even though it isn’t vocally addressed. And when Jane adds “Anything for you, Lisbon.” it is just as honest and true as the smile before. He would do anything for her; he’s said and, to my mind, also proven that several times already. There is no one else in this world; only Lisbon. He even lets his RJ leads go just to save her – because he can’t bear no having her in his life anymore.
In the following, we have some nice little teasing when Jane finds out that Lisbon actually like the “love doctor” she listens to now and then on the radio. In her car, by chance, as she claims, but Jane knows better. Knows her better. There is no hostility or malicious glee to his words and teasing; it’s just a bit of fun he makes, all the while still being respectful.
The best moment of this episode surely follows when the two of them enter the radio station and woman at the reception counter gives them a form to fill in. Of course they are quick to tell that they are no couple (could have fooled me…), but Jane still doesn’t let the chance go to add something:
“Ours is more of a platonic love.”
Thing is, every time I hear the word platonic, I have to think of how I once read or heard that this interpretation of Platon’s theory we use today is wrong, sort of. Platon never described a non-sexual love; only a philosophic one. Which ultimately leaves it open what kind of relationship two people share when they have a platonic one.
Anyways, back to Jane and Lisbon I think way more important is the fact that, platonic or not, Jane describes what they have as “love”. Not much to interpret here; it pretty much says it all, especially when one takes into consideration what Jane told Lisbon in the last season finale.
Lisbon, on her side, mocks the situation a bit, saying her “We’re not a couple, please.” a bit like this is completely out of question, nonsense, and how could anyone think of something like that. Clearly her reaction is exaggerated and unnecessary; it is almost as if she has to convince herself of it. I doubt she is very successful… 😉
Later on, when Jane brings his plan to catch the killer to action and buys shoes for Grace, Lisbon stands next to him, asking “Nothing for me” in a very cute, disappointed voice. It’s one of those moments where I wish we would just once see Jane get something for Lisbon that is very special. But maybe he does – and maybe it’s more on the emotional, sentimental side than something material.
While Jane and Lisbon sit in the car to listen to the radio show that features Grace and Wayne, they exchange a few looks that sort of gave an impression as if they are parents or at least a long-time couple friends with the other couple in the studio, and that their plan to bring them (back) together is working. Whatever it is, they appear very comfortable around each other; much more than colleagues, and even more than friends.
And then we have, after the case is solved, that moment in the CBI kitchen, where Jane tries to find out what Lisbon’s fetish is. He suspects turtlenecks, while Lisbon is quite embarrassed – as someone from a catholic background, like Jane suspects it to be the reason. Lisbon is sometimes like a little school girl around him; otherwise she probably would have turned tables on him and tried to find out his fetish as well.
The question that remains is what Jane wants with that knowledge. We’ll know should he ever show up in a turtleneck, but other than that? It’s simple teasing. Still I would love to see something result from this…
In general we have a funny, charming and flirty behavior in this episode between them. And you just wish they’d do something about it already. Sighs.
As mentioned above, this was (supposed to be?) Grace and Wayne’s episode. Well, not my fault Jane and Lisbon always get in the way 😉
After the grumpy start we next find the two lovebirds on a stakeout. Which is not the best thing for two who are right then not on best terms. But at least they start talking; until they are interrupted when their target appears. Cue Jane to have a plan; and somehow I don’t believe that his was solely about the case. He surely had ulterior motive.
So Grace and Wayne are sent in to play the couple with relationship problems. Not much playing that needs to be done here – those two get right into it, and probably much more than they were supposed to be… at least from their and a professional point of view. Jane, on the other hand, seems to be quite enthusiastic that what definitely had to be his plan is working.
So they basically spill all the sorrows they’ve had in the past two years or so, and in the end, without much help of the love doctor, find out that they still love each other and want to be together. And so they are.
The episode ends with Grace coming over to Wayne’s apartment. He didn’t expect her, so it was her decision, and hers alone. She kisses him, sort-of asks if it is okay (“Yes?”), only to then kiss him for real while he pulls her inside. That should make clear where those two are heading – finally back into a relationship. About damn time. The only thing I now worry about is that regulations will once again get in the way. Basically they are back where they’ve started, more or less…

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