Oof. That was hard one. Oh dear.
Suddenly, it all starts mixing up. If you haven’t watched the show with attention in the past, you will have problems keeping up now. Me, I get the problem coming from having too many shows, and way too many facts and people in my mind. Plus, I’m no good with names.
So when they began and talked about some guy, it took me a moment to remember what this was about – luckily, they gave the “buried alive” hint. Another one on the list. Already at the beginning of the season I got this feeling that they have a list of guest characters they are now slowly working through, killing one by one. Just hope Mashburn isn’t on that list.
Anyways, because the guy Jane buried alive last season finale (or one ep before that) is dead, Jane is now a suspect. By no one else than RJ suspect Reede Smith. And really, they are not that wrong. Turns out, Jane made another, a fake RJ suspect list, and those people are now being killed.
Which is interesting. This fake list must have been part of the deduction board no one else than Bob Kirkland stole/copied from the attic. Thing is, I only notice this now. Because the moment Jane revealed the fake list thing, it should have been clear that only Kirkland can have it, and thus Kirkland can’t be RJ – because RJ knows who the real suspects are.
But for one, there is so much happening that it gets harder to keep up, and two – who is to say that RJ doesn’t use the list to kill people Jane will feel guilty for?
So, moving on. Hightower is back. Jane finds out that he’s been watched by some organization for a good while, and the only person who knows about is Hightower – other than Wainwright, but as we know he is already dead. So Jane contacts a presumedly dead Hightower with a trick, and asks her about it, and indeed she confirms that the FBI wanted regular reports about Jane that were then passed on to Homeland Security – and hello, there we’d be back to Kirkland.
And yes, Kirkland. Much focus on him – we’ve seen him kill before, he knows about “Tyger Tyger”, something Smith doesn’t, as it seems, and he tortures people. He is even willing to torture Jane.
Now, first of all, I never believed for a second that Smith didn’t know what Kirkland was talking about. He was too innocent in that moment, playing the whole “I’m completely clueless” role a bit too well. He also wasn’t curious enough, as he should have been at Kirkland’s revelation – he reacted like someone who was trying very hard not to give a way that he already knows something.
That Kirkland tried to recruit him for some “secret investigation” was a very nice throwoff – the whole revelation in the end definitely unexpected. So Kirkland has nothing at all to do with Red John – quite the contrary is he more like Jane, looking for revenge. That came as a surprise, especially since Kirkland was my favorite when it comes to Red John. Ah well, Bruno and team, nicely played.
What I particularly loved about the episode were two things, character-wise:
For one, after Jane went off alone, Hightower got worried and, despite her fear of being discovered, she called Lisbon. She knows that Jane trusts Lisbon implicitly, and she also knows that she can as well. That was subtle, but so great. Also how the two of them freed Jane 🙂
And that’s also the other thing. This is something between the three of them Hightower knows will also remain that way, and it is furthermore yet another secret for Jane and Lisbon to share – which is fine, seeing how much of that they already have. Once again we see them now and then vanish in their own little world, talk to each other, exchange ideas, new knowledge and realizations. I’ll never get enough of how comfortable they are around each other, and love these small moments, like when they both walk to the attic room like it is the most normal thing in the world (until now we’ve never seen them come there together, it was always either Jane already being there or him going alone) – as is, apparently, opening the number lock without covering the code, so either Lisbon already knows it or Jane doesn’t care if she sees it.
The big revelation in the end wasn’t exactly one, if you ask me, but I don’t mind. It confirmed what I was suspecting, what I guess many of us were/are – that Red John isn’t just one person, but that there is a whole organization behind it. It had to come to this because surely all this can never be kept up by one person alone.
What will now be really important and interesting is who is in; who is part of the organization. Obviously Reede Smith is; and then there are also four other suspects left. I can imagine that there are more of them also part of it, or maybe it is really just another one and the rest is innocent – to a degree, at least.
One last thing: I loved, loved, LOVED how Jane and Lisbon still teased each other, despite the otherwise dark mood of the episode. Especially since it was also a rather serious scene, what with Lisbon telling Jane that one of the fake list suspects doesn’t want police protection and him basically saying that he wouldn’t worry too much about it since the world wouldn’t miss him. It’s also nice how they again emphasize that the old dynamic still stands – Jane is willing to let bad people suffer, and Lisbon wants justice for everyone, but the right kind of justice.

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