Since this is a TBC episode – I think the first ever in the history of THE MENTALIST – I won’t say much about it. I have mentioned in a review before that with the straight path they’re walking at the moment, analyzing and speculating doesn’t make much sense at this point.
Nevertheless, there are a few things that I need to mention.

First, there is the fact that Jane doesn’t only have one, but two weapons with him – the rifle and the hand gun. So far, in the past five/six years (and implied also before) we’ve always seen Jane be strongly opposed to the usage of weapons; even the idea of them in general. This is another piece in this puzzle of how much he has changed, and he intent he is on getting his revenge, one way or another. He is going to kill, this one time, intentionally, because that’s what he wanted ever since his family was killed, and nothing has changed that, despite him having changed a lot. Or has he? I wonder about that occasionally; while he seems to have changed, he on the other hand hasn’t. Lisbon, in particular, put a lot of work into it, and yet nothing ever kept him from pursuing his path of vengeance, even though it seemed like it in between.
What has changed is that the team is indeed in on it. They’re part of the fight now, more than they ever have been. Jane knows he can trust them, and does so; seeing them all in the attic is kind of metaphorical/symbolical for where they all stand. And remember, it took him a long time – at first he even kept Lisbon out of the loop, and she’s the one I think he has always trusted, and trusted implicitly. They had a longer period of time in which we mainly saw Jane and Lisbon plotting and investigating, and now the rest of the team has really become part of it as well.
The beach scene. Oh dear. This was touching and heart-breaking, and yes, of course it has to drive shipper crazy. What really got to me was how Lisbon looked when Jane hugged her. There was this shy happiness you only see when someone likes another very much and is confronted with unexpected affection – or more so, with affection, and here also words:

“You have no idea what you meant to me… what you mean to me.”

Lisbon was deeply touched, and surely it results from their lately increasing closeness, their togetherness, and surely these feelings that are deeper than ever before.
There are people who say that Jane and Lisbon might never be together; not romantically. Jane is too damaged to ever be in a relationship again, and especially with Lisbon. Their relationship, of whatever nature now, is too special in many ways to turn into romance and something sexual, something serious and lasting even. I am inclined to agree; it’s hard to imagine them being together as a normal couple. On the other hand maybe this isn’t what we want, what they should have; and then, I think, Lisbon is just who Jane needs. She always has been, for many years now – why should it be any different as soon as Red John is out of the picture? Jane needs her, one way or another, and even if they will never have a normal relationship, they could still have a loving and lasting one. Two lonely and sort-of damaged souls to heal each other.
That Jane left Lisbon behind at the beach was no surprise. I knew it the moment he told her he has something for her in the car he had to get. Maybe I knew it before that already. Question is – why? Before, he agreed to take her with him – because he knew he wouldn’t be able to convince her otherwise? Or was it his intention to actually take her with him, but he reconsidered during their drive? And did he leave her because he didn’t want her to stop him (as we all know he might just try, though I’m not so sure about that anymore), or because he was afraid of him? The letter would make sense, seeing how this all ended, with the explosion and all.
As far as Red John is concerned: No, I didn’t see it coming. I really didn’t. Actually, I though no one of them would have the dots, that there would be another plot twist that would make it a lot harder for Jane. Now, three of them having the dots – and I’m relieved Ray Haffner and Bret Stiles don’t, because I like these guys (even though Ray became creepy for a while) – is of course a plot twist as well, but at least it gives us reassurance that we are even closer now. Now we can wait and see who’ll turn out to be the actual culprit, the serial killer who we can already assume is one huge organization, although I look forward to the explanation behind that…

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