The new year starts with a rather unspectacular episode, so a slow start into 2014 for Mentalistas. Not that I am complaining 😉

Actually, I really enjoyed that with the new year, there now is also kind of a new show. I mean, the past two episodes were only working up to it, but now we’re full on, all set in the FBI, and Jane very clearly shows who the boss is. Hehe. Of course he knows how much they need him and plays with it, much to probably the whole audience’s delight and the FBI’s anger 😀
First of all, however, I want to return to the last episode, because there’s something I forget. Jane gave Abbott a list with members of the Blake Association; a list with blackened names only he’ll know. Or so he claimed. Lisbon he told that he was just pretending, it’s all but a scam, one that, if they find out, might just bring him back into detention/prison. Now, for all the stuff about RJ and the Blake Ass., there is one other thing I’m really wondering about: What if the FBI finds out, indeed? What if they realize Jane was just messing with them, and he doesn’t have the intel he claims to have? Will he run again? It is an important thing to know, especially in regards to Lisbon…
Anyways, the episode. There is not so much to say; as stated it was a normal, entertaining, but also simple one.
As mentioned, it mostly showed us Jane making it very clear that he is aware of just how much the FBI wants him there. And what does he use it for? Well, to demand his couch. The exchange about that with Fisher was great, even more so when she gave in. Though I wonder if she was just playing coy…
One thing I enjoyed was seeing Lisbon and Cho together. I’ve come to really love their friendship, or whatever it is those two have; this mutual respect and affection on a sibling level I’d say. I think Cho has been fiercely protective of Lisbon, as a friend and colleague, and it’s beautiful to watch. Even better now is that they’re still working together.
I’m really warming up to Fisher; she seems to be an okay woman, and she is clever and witty and a good character. Maybe she does lack a bit on the 3-dimensional side so far, but that’s all right. So yeah, seeing Lisbon bonding with her was really a nice thing, and I hope to see more of that, just of the two of them becoming friends, or something like that. They surely won’t become BFFs (I doubt it, but hey…), and they don’t need to either, but there is this feel of trust and comfort, and I hope they keep that. Plus, they are basically sisters in suffering, now that they both work with Jane in a similarly superior position *g*
As for Jane and Fisher, it’s interesting that there is a bit of banter, and it is also friendly, yet it is reserved on Jane’s side. Understandably also, seeing that she kind of lied to him during the whole Cuba thing. Nevertheless it’s becoming clear that he accepts her and that he does have respect for her, though by far not as much as he has for Lisbon.
One thing I’ll continuingly notice, however, is Jane’s respectful treatment of women. He won’t diminish them in any way, and I love that; I think that’s one of the big appeals of this show in general, also how female characters are presented.
Like the baddie in this episode who is this seemingly insignificant blonde. Of course I didn’t for a minute believe Jane was honestly interested in her, but seeing him interact with her was nevertheless nice. And amusing. Those two did have chemistry, even though I don’t want to see any other woman at his side than Lisbon 😉 Much funnier was only Lisbon’s reaction to his flirting with this woman – she knows this is “not his type”. And it is also a nice shipper moment, seeing that Lisbon seems to know him so well that she also knows who he’d go out with. At the same time we see that little bit of doubt and sorrow in her face when she talks to Fisher about it, as if she is worried. And who knows – maybe she was?
Anyways, as said, it was an entertaining episode that gave us a good start into Mentalist at the FBI business that is now to follow and I’m really looking forward to more of that.

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