The first season premiere dates are out. I’m just adding those I watch myself, so sorry if some are missing 😉
Hawaii Five-0 — 09/24/2012
Criminal Minds — 09/26/2012
CSI New York — 09/28/2012
The Mentalist — 09/30/2012
I’m just now in the progress of watching the last H50 eps, and will then probably move on to Criminal Minds. I’m looking forward to new eps from both shows, even though I will really miss Emily on CM.
The Mentalist, however, has me incredibly excited (Did I mention that I love Bruno Heller? 😉 Yep, for me he’s still the only exec genius out there – next to Russell T. Davies.), and right now I hate it that it will be one of the last shows starting during season premiere time… grumble… (What do they say? Save the best for last?)

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