Yes! Finally it’s out! The Avengers gag reel. Pre-released by Marvel, thankfully, it gives an insight that shows that these guys (and gals) indeed had their fun.
I was really hesitating to watch it – I wanted to wait for the DVD. But you know how it is… *I can wait for the DVD. I can wait for the DVD. I can wait… okay, I can’t wait.* (actually, it’s Blu-ray, but anyways).
Starting with RDjr’s “Are you going to have a gag reel in this thing?”, which is absolutely made for win, my favorites are definitely the Loki smashed by Hulk scene (and Hiddles laughing when he’s suppsed to be… wheezing *lol*) and Thor’s hammer that’s bouncing… and bouncing… and… yeah 😀
Generally, I admit that I’m a tad disappointed that the whole thing is only around four minutes long – for a movie of two and a half hours that’s not much. On the other hand, there’s probably a lot of material that’s not suitable for the public eye… but may just have found in a team video, if there was one. And one thing I know for sure: Team videos should never see the light of public day. 😉
In any way, I’m pretty sure there will be more in the making-ofs and in the commentary by Joss Whedon that is included on the DVD/BD. I wouldn’t be surprised if there would be another funny story or two that is told.

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October 2020