I can’t believe it. When I first “met” River Song back in S4 with Ten, I almost hated her. At least I hoped I’d never see her again.

To me, River was Steven Moffat’s manifestation of his disrespect for everything RTD had created – most notably the relationship between Rose and the Doctor. But once the RTD era was over and Moffat had become the new showrunner, it sort of became easier to just accept the show as it was then (and now), made my Moffat, with his ideas and characters. Once I’d gotten used to the Moffat Seasons in general, that was no problem either, actually.
River of course needed to be part of the Moffat Seasons. She’s his creation. So when she first reappeared in S5, I was wary of her, but didn’t despise her anymore. And then, I don’t know how it happened, but I slowly – but surel – fell in love with her. Alex Kingston is a fabulous actress, and the whole love story – epic love story I’d like to say – between River and the Doctor is just wonderfully done, from both the authors’ and the actors’ side.
Today, the 31st of May, 2013, marks the 5th Anniversary of River’s first appearance on Doctor Who. Silence in the Library aired to this date five years ago for the first time. And in this time (well, almost, started a bit later), I went from loathing to loving this character. And thank God I did.
This is the day to celebrate River as well as Alex – and the day that lets us “Kinglets” hope even more that River will return. For some reason though, I don’t doubt we’ll see her again. 🙂




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