Oh yeah…she did it again! Liz made me watch Once upon a Time and of course I fell in love with that show. And I still don’t know if I should hug or curse her for that… *sigh* Yepp, I should have known better, and still…since I know that it’s pretty hard to get such high praises from Liz and that we are very similar in our preferences I kind of had to give this show a try…and yes, I had a little time on my hand which I should have spent cleaning my flat but well…who can resist Liz on a mission?
I definitely can’t it… 😉
So I watched the pilot…and the next ep and the next one…and it took me less than a week to watch all the eps of season 1 and 2 as far as it has aired yet…yepp, I’m sucked in, cursed, hooked…call it whatever you like but this show’s really growing on me!
Why did I fall in love with Once that easily?! Well, first of all, it’s fairy tales…and like most of us I grew up hearing (and as soon as I was old enough) reading all of them. I still love all those tales and as you can guess I’m also a huge fan of Disney…and yes, deep inside me I’m still holding on to my optimistic streak that tells me that everything will turn out fine… 😉
But back to Once…The writing of this show is phenomenal…all those details…and I really LOVE details. I’m a real geek regarding that – ask Liz – I never really see the big picture when I look at something, I’m always seeing / recognizing the tiny little details first. And with that show there is a LOT to discover.
I also love the idea that a tale is never completely told, like history that’s mostly written by the winners also a tale mostly doesn’t show the whole picture and here we see the good old stories in a whole new light… 🙂
The acting…wow…I’m still kind of speechless after the last eps (or better by my speedwatching of the whole show)…meanwhile I have seen every ep at least twice and even the characters I don’t like that much are being played so well that I just can’t ignore them. The cast in general is great and I absolutely love Jennifer Morrison – especially after Emma learned that all of Henry’s crazy theories are true – that constant “Are you kidding me?!”-look…genius! And all the other stuff, too of course…I cry and laugh with her all the time…and btw. how can Jen act that well with all those hotties around her?! 😉
And most importantly of all the things you could say to praise this show, it makes you think – a lot! You just can’t watch an ep and forget about everything you saw right after the credits…you just *have* to build theories or try to decipher all the riddles or try to guess what Rumple really wants to archive or what they will all do when they get back to FTL…I think you get the point! 😉
Ok, before I even start to write about the eps or the characters I will finish this one here or else I won’t be able to keep it short or to write in general anymore…
But I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the last thing I’ve written about Once upon a Time.
And as I mentioned above…Thanks Dearie… 🙂

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