Even though THE MENTALIST’s penultimate episode of this season has nothing to do with Red John (not more than your average case of the week episode, anyways), there was, at least to me, this shadow, this sword of Damocles, hovering over it.
Already the beginning gave a bit reason for worry. Lisbon appears in front of Jane’s attic door. When she knocks, he at first doesn’t react at all, then only shouts through the closed door. Radio silence he wants; he needs to work the RJ case without distraction and interruption.
That suddenly he shuts out Lisbon – literally and figuratively – worried me, for some reason. It’s as if his trust is gone after people unknown to him have broken into his attic. Luckily, this worry proved to be unnecessary, as shows when the episode progresses.
Eventually Jane lets Lisbon in – and the moment she tells him that there was a break-in in La Roche’s house, he follows without further question. On it goes with the case concerning JJ and this mysterious box no one knows what’s inside of, not even Jane – he only pretended to know in front of JJ, but actually has no idea. Neither have I, lol. And seeing how it all turned out I guess no one could have had even the slightest idea where this was going either.
Jane tells Lisbon that he was responsible for an earlier break-in into JJ’s house (I think it was last season?) – it was the event that resulted in her anger management sessions, when she avoided a suspect being questioned by punching him, so that he wouldn’t be accepted as witness.
Funny little scene: When Jane asks whether the anger management helped, Lisbon hits him, and then smiles gleefully. Interestingly enough, this is all she shows as reaction – no big anger, no shouting or anything. It tells us how far those two have come, and how much Lisbon, despite everything and her occasional anger about him and his way, has faith in him, believes in him to do the right thing, in the end at least.
The talk they share in the car is long and honest. Which actually calmed me down after my earlier mentioned worry about them drifting apart due to the attic break-in. I love those scenes when they are alone, especially in a car, because it almost always guarantees a few minutes – or at least sentences – of talking without the need to pretend or anything, as they seem to feel it in the “outside” world.
Later, when Jane tells JJ that he considers Lisbon as his partner, JJ replies: “You and Lisbon, you are trusted friends.” – all that with a knowing smile. It’s like it’s by now painfully obvious for several people how close Jane and Lisbon are. Ray Haffner mentioned it, JJ recognized it, and there are a few other, sometimes even only from the case of the week; people who haven’t known those two longer. It very much makes the impression that Bruno is indeed putting down some kind of foundation for whatever there is still to come between them.
So when at the end of the episode, after the case is solved, Jane once again asks for radio silence and that he can work the RJ case at least for week without interruption, she simply accepts it. No discussion, and also no offer of help; she knows that it is something he needs to do alone. And I guess she also knows that should he needs someone, anyone, she’ll be the first he’ll approach.
But speaking of the case. This is not only about LaRoche. Actually it does have a connection to Red John… or has it? Who knows. At least, however, Brenda is finally stopped. LaRoche was onto her, and she was it who stole his box to blackmail him. So Brenda is revealed to be the mole inside the CBI, tipping off criminals before the agents can get to them, but… what else? Is she also part of Red John’s foot soldiers?
I can’t help but think that she could be connected to him. We know she was involved with Volker, which is bad enough, but so far we’ve been made to believe that there is huge network surrounding Red John; and who says that anyone can be trusted, even those who seem to follow their own agenda? I don’t know, when it comes to Red John and how this will all play out, who he’ll turn out to be and more so, who’ll be involved with him, I’m really at the edge of my seat. Guess season 6 will really be one hell of a season, if they continue at the pace they’ve shown over the past years – because said pace became much more rapid as the show progressed.
I just hope no one of the team will be part of Red John’s disciples… although I still suspect Grace to have something to do with him. Ah well. We’ll see.

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