I’m a sucker for canon. If something is canon, it’s law to me. I follow it as good as I can – whether I write fanfic, analyses, or anything the like.

What I define as canon depends on what the fandom offers. Usually, it’s just the show or movie. When TPTB say something, reveal something, explain something, it’s also to be considered as canon, although I tend to say that what I haven’t seen on screen hasn’t happened (i.e. Sam and Jack from STARGATE being a couple at the time Sam is on ATLANTIS).
When there are books, official novels that continue a show, especially after its end, I also consider them as canon.
Back in 1998 I became a fan of STAR TREK VOYAGER. Not long after I started shipping Janeway/Chakotay. I’ve been a J/C shipper and supporter ever since, even after the show’s end. But as it goes, when there’s nothing new, one looses interest, because there are so many other interesting, new and exciting things one can spend time with. This happened to me with Star Trek. It just didn’t have so much appeal anymore.
Then, last year’s November, I rediscovered my love for VOYAGER. Before that I’d (re)watched the complete TNG series, since they are broadcasted on TV here. It’s the thing with taking a break from a “relationship”; after a while and some emotional hiatus, It all becomes exciting again.
It’s what happened to me. I watched most episodes again, I started to read the novels after finding out that J/C are in it. Actually, I had started with TNG books because I wanted to know how they developed the P/C romance which also finally got a happy ending. The I realized (Very. Slowly. I’m serious…) that they’d killed Janeway and… well. I joined a big community, something I hadn’t done in years – at all. Simply due to lack of time (it’s not like I have the time now, mind you).
Long story short, my fascination and love was back, and stronger than ever. Until… well, until the latest VOYAGER novel “The Eternal Tide” was published. And Janeway came back – and J/C got their happy ending (beginning?).
And this is the point where canon sort of… kills me. Or my interest, for that matter. Having a ship get what it deserves – happiness and togetherness, makes me feel like my job is done. Like I’ve been diligently, eagerly waiting and hoping and taking my part in keeping the ship alive until canon gives us (me, for those who don’t see Treklit as canon) closure. Yes, closure.
Is the MOONLIGHTING Curse real, after all? Does a resolved romance stop a story of a couple being interesting and worth following anymore?
J/C getting together stopped my interest in VOYAGER almost from one day to another. But most importantly, it gave me this inner contentment and peace regarding Voyager’s former commanding duo.
When CASTLE took the step into romance with their protagonist duo Castle and Beckett in last season’s finale episode, I was happy about it. Of course. Even though CASTLE isn’t a show that excites me all that much anymore (as it used to in the beginning), I still ship Caskett. Or shipped maybe. Because I had to realize that I don’t really care what happens now. Series creator and show runner Andrew Marlowe revealed that while the couple will of course encounter problems, there are no plans to have them separate again. Quite the contrary – marriage and children are not that much of a purely fan-made dream.
FARSCAPE was a show I loved dearly and enjoyed immensely. But after PK Wars and this incredibly beautiful ending that brought me to tears of joy I may have felt the desire, but never the motivation to go back and watch the show again. Yes, I have the DVDs, and it would be easy to just put one of them in the player and watch. But to me it feels as if there is no need. No need to look back and analyze, no need to search for hints and possibilities that allow to at least speculate about a different outcome. John and Aeryn are together, they have little D’Argo, they are happy.
The small difference with FARSCAPE, however, is that they started the J/A romance early in season one, letting them have an on-off-relationship that was sometimes about love, sometimes only about sex (which was hilarious ;)). Their relationship was part of the show almost from the beginning, thus integrated the element well enough to make it not to a main focus point. This has its share in keeping the show interesting and thrilling, in many ways.
VOYAGER and also DEEP SPACE NINE had similar storylines, with T/B on Voyager, and several (short-term) couples on DS9. They were all fine because not so prominent. They didn’t influence the shipper in me enough to become so important that they are all that matters – like with CASTLE. Or, like now with J/C on VOYAGER due to the literature. Of course, the focus for shippers was always kind of on J/C; especially since even after more than ten years, fans never stopped rooting for the couple-hopefully-to-be. For years they fought in their very own way, and were successful in the end, just like they were successful with bringing back Kathryn Janeway.
All’s well that ends well.
As for integration of couples – it is what is done in ONCE UPON A TIME as well. Here the couples already exist, or include enough (believable and plausible) potential for conflict – Rumbelle is the best example here – that a feeling of closure is everything but close. With THE MENTALIST, it’s similar. Which is by no means a complaint.
Some shows you just don’t want to give up.
In the end, I guess I have to accept that my shipper mind closes the chapters on its own accord, without me being able to do anything about it. And who knows, maybe, after another few years, the show love will just come back. Because it’s not dead – it’s just in paradise. (Yep, had to end it on a cheesy note, NOT sorry. :D)

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