A few words on recent OUAT spoilers. (<- there’s a SPOILER in that sentence, so beware…)

The Hook video:
There was much speculation that Dr. Whale could be Hook. In my opinion, the video proves that the yet-unknown character isn’t Whale. Because contrary to Whale, the Hook here has a heavy step and a belly.
On the other hand there’s again the question who Dr. Whale is – unless I missed something in the season premiere, the only thing we learned is that James isn’t “his prince”, which means he’s not part of that land, but from another region of the fairy tale world. But who could he be then? I’m really at a loss. Guess I still lack the necessary knowledge about all those tales out there to find out now already…
Episode 4 press release:

“The Crocodile” – Belle’s disgust over Mr. Gold’s continuing thirst for power comes to a head, and she threatens to leave him if he can’t change his evil ways; the dwarves pick up their axes and try to find fairy dust in the Storybrooke mine; and a reunion with an old acquaintance could prove to be Belle’s undoing. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale land that was, Rumplestiltskin attempts to save his wife, Milah, from being kidnapped by a band of cutthroat pirates.
(as released by ABC on Oct. 2nd, 2012)

Now that is something I want to read on a Monday evening. One way to get excited, really. A Rumbelle episode!
Not that the news are what I was hoping for… but then, they are also not surprising. Of course she’d have a hard time to accept him as he is over the course of a longer time period. Now that she isn’t his prisoner anymore, but the woman living with him, the woman at his side, she’ll judge him much more than she dared before.
The question here is not if she will leave, but if she can. Of course Rumple wouldn’t hold her back; but she has come back before, and now it will be most interesting to see how strong her love for him really is. And vice versa. If she can put up with him and his behavior, his thirst for power, until he’s found Bae, then maybe he’ll finally give up the Dark One’s powers… given that Regina is out of the way of course.
Power is like a drug, and without any doubt is Rumple addicted. He’s not a bad person; he’s just what the Dark One’s magic made of him. If he could see himself without it, for just one moment, he’d realize what it has done to him, and probably help his decision to become a normal man again.
Surely it will also depend on who and what Bae is by now, who he has become (and if he is the mysterious man we saw in the season premiere) and how much love he has left for his father; because I believe that Belle an Bae together could heal Rumple by making him realize that he doesn’t need his powers anymore.
Plus, Rumple now knows that Belle’s love isn’t just a trick Regina made her use, but indeed real and true.
In any way I assume we’ll – and Belle – have to wait until Rumple finds Bae. And I sincerely hope that Belle will be able to accept him as he is, and especially that she won’t stop loving him.
On a side note, I can’t wait to see Milah and what happens/happened to her. And if she is maybe still alive and – even somewhere in our world as well? Could she come back and what would it mean for Rumbelle? There’s another factor of why Rumple believes he needs his power I think; if he wasn’t able to save his wife, he’d have to be eaten up by guilt, thus making power even more attractive to him…

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