Okay, before the episode is on next Sunday, I have to get a few theories and thoughts out, especially in face of certain (non-)spoilers.
Please be aware that this is of course possibly SPOILERy, so turn away now if you don’t want to know.

Here goes, then.

I wrote that a while back, even before TEH was out, so you could of course now change a few things, but for now I’ll just leave it as it is.
The first thing is this – came out early with promo pics, and I immediately knew: This is John’s stag party. I could almost bet on it. Imagine it. Sherlock is John’s best man. The best man has to take care of the stag party. But of course Sherlock doesn’t know anything about it, and doesn’t ask, or thinks it’s stupid, or anything else that’s just Sherlock.
So he doesn’t organize anything, and in the end those two sit there all alone, but after initial disappointment on John’s side, he finds that he’s entirely content with it being like this. Spending the evening with the other most important person in his life next to Mary – his best friend he’s just been given back.
Then there is what Digital Spy wrote – a list of ten teasers, and I’ll try and go into them now.

1) The core of the episode is one extraordinarily long monologue: Sherlock’s best man speech is interwoven around extended flashbacks, which fill in chunks of the six-month gap between ‘The Empty Hearse’ and the wedding day.

Those who love spoilers as much as I do may have already heard the audio clip from Comic Con where they showed this part. And yes, I agree, it is absolutely adorable. I have not seen it, but I have the audio and a transcript with scene descriptions, and I believe it will be hilarious and at the same time heartwarming to watch. I’m very much looking forward to John’s reactions/facial expressions, and also Mary’s, because they surely will kill us with laughter.

2) Sherlock has more than a few surprising extracurricular skills up his sleeve. One is napkin origami. Another recalls one of Moffat’s best-loved episodes of Doctor Who.

The last sentence here. I believe Moffat’s best-loved episode is Blink. My personal opinion and impression. So what could it mean? Weeping Angels? But what skill could apply to that? Admittedly, I have no idea. Oh, but I’m looking forward to the napkin origami 😀

3) “Either I’ve caught you in a compromising position, or you’re working out again.”

Everything’s possible here, and of course my imagination was running wild the first time with all sorts of (very much not kid-safe) Johnlock ideas… but then I suddenly read those theories of Irene Adler reappearing and that this comment is connected to it… like, either she is involved (a scene between Sherlock and Irene, fighting or something, and John comes in – or Mycroft?) or it is John and Sherlock and Irene walks in on them commenting that.

4) Remember Mrs Hudson’s husband who was executed for double murder? We find out quite a bit more about him.

Not much to theorize about that, but I love it! I want so much background on all the characters, and this is as good a place and person to start as any, because we really don’t know enough about Mrs. Hudson.

3) John’s stag night is the funniest sequence in the show’s history.

Naturally. But first of all, let me add these two teaser/spoilers:
“if you’ve ever wanted to see John and Sherlock on a drunken bender you’ll be very happy with the results”
” just wait until you see Sherlock’s intoxicated vision”
So John and Sherlock are indeed out on John’s stag night together. And oh dear, they get drunk. Not sure I ever wanted to see drunk Sherlock, because it’s either going to be very funny or very embarrassing (or both?). Of course this is going to result in something we wouldn’t see when they are sober. If TPTB didn’t use that opportunity to show us something we all want to see, because afterwards Sherlock and John can very well blame it on the drinking or forget it all together, well…
Which brings me directly to Sherlock’s intoxicated vision. How much money do you want to bet this has something to do with John? And is possibly something… racy, at least – or especially? – for Sherlock’s standards? I won’t go as far as to predict a kiss or something, but with everything that has happened in TEH and the possibility that Sherlock will not by far the emotionally controlled man he usually is (more or less), but will be reduced to his lizard brain that surely is in there somewhere… Okay, so maybe I want to predict a kiss after all, because come on, who doesn’t want to see that?! Or at least it’s an almost kiss like with Moriarty, with a cut shortly before lips meet. I can’t really think of anything that would be “scandalous” enough to warrant doing/imagining it in a drunk state; especially not something that, according to Cumberbatchweb:
Theres a completely unexpected moment with Sherlock that is destined to launch a million gifs
Fans get something they’ve been waiting years for
And I assume those two belong somehow together, are connected, and are all to be found in that drunken moment.

6) “Yeah, but am I a pretty lady?”

This one’s interesting. Could be Mary – which I don’t think – or could be Molly maybe. And I’d love her to say that to Lestrade. Although it’s not really something I expect Molly to say – it doesn’t sound like her. Huh. Guess it’s just my Molly/Lestrade shipper heart that is wishing here.

7) The whole episode is essentially a love letter to John Watson.

Not much to say about that. Just: squeeeeeeee.

8) A very familiar face from Sherlock’s past makes a brief but rather thrilling return.

That would be Irene then, I guess. I’ve been racking my brain when I first read that, and then I saw the theories about Irene returning and it’s actually the only person that makes sense here. Because who else is very familiar and of enough importance? And from the past means to me from either series one or two. Can’t be Moriarty, he’s definitely dead. No one else is a recurring character that is important enough (all the others are main characters to me and are in anyways – Molly, Lestrade, Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson etc.) The really leaves only Irene.
But why would she return? To John’s wedding? And will she have anything to do with the case that is meant to come at some time in TSoT (apparently only 40mins in)? There’s something – actually a lot – that doesn’t sense right now. But well. We shall see I guess.

9) “Oh, Sherlock. Neither of us were the first, you know.”

Brains goes to the gutter first, of course. But this could mean a thousand things. Completely harmless. Completely heartbreaking. We might have an idea if we knew who says it. It sounds like Mycroft, though not really; actually, the choice of words sounds a lot like Mrs. Hudson. But why would she say something like this? No, this is very confusing. I mean, it could as well be John himself.
Or, something that would be very, very interesting: Mary. She says it to Sherlock when an ex of John’s appears. Which would at the same time imply that she is aware of this special relationship between John and Sherlock and/or even thinks they were together, or that at least Sherlock is in love with John. This could even happen before the stag night, which then leads Sherlock to confront his feelings for John and have this aforementioned intoxicated vision. Okay, yes, sounds like a fanfic, but look after seeing TEH, everything seems possible…

10) By the end of the episode, we find out what Sherlock’s “last vow” is.

And yes, I firmly believe that it will have something to do with John. Now that it’s been revealed that it is Sherlock’s last vow (until now we didn’t know whose it would be), I can see it totally being about John, in some way. That he will always protect him? Always be there for him? That he will protect John and Mary? Which gives me a moment of thought whether it is possible Mary is pregnant and Sherlock swears he won’t let any harm come to the Watson family. Or is it more personal, more Johnlock personal, really only about John? If it is at all, of course.

Needless to say, I’m very, very excited about this episode. It’s supposed to show of course the wedding, but at its core, according to spoilers, it’s about the friendship between John and Sherlock and what they mean to each other and… no need to comment on that.

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