The trailer for THOR: THE DARK WORLD is finally out and I can’t even begin to tell how excited I am.

This looks incredible, and it’s so great to get a fist glimpse at the scenes we already saw set pics of on Facebook. I wonder how this will all play out and how Earth and humanity will be involved in what looks a lot like one of the biggest interplanetary wars ever.
Also, so looking forward to see Chris Eccleston! 🙂
And of course – there’s Jane again, this time brought to Asgard by Thor because he promised it, and as Jamie Alexander teased and the trailer also seems to foreshadow, there is some conflict coming because of the relationship of whatever kind between Thor and Sif (it’s teased to be romantic of sorts) – you see her also in the trailer and she doesn’t look happy. I hope though that once they’ve settled things concerning this, Jane will stay on Asgard…? Aww, the big love stories.
As for Loki – I was suprised to see him (still) imprisoned. I was delighted to hear that voice again (fangirl, me). And I was… shocked?! – to see his hair. What happened – can’t they at least give him, I don’t know… something to cut it? The length in Thor and The Avengers was fine, but this is… weird, to say the least. Yeah, only a woman can write so much about someone’s hairdo. Anyways. This is going to be the most interesting part – will Loki help, and/or will he use he chance to escape, or even try to get revenge? Will the fight against a common enemy (and it sort of seems to be one) bring the family together again? And – is there any chance that Sif will be the one to help Loki (I’m still shipping them, yes, not sorry.)?
Did I mention that I am Excited?! (that’s with a capital E for reason)

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