I am Loki’d

The logos for THOR 2 and IRON MAN 3 are out. I’m excited about both movies (and it’s pure torture that it will still take so long for them to come out), but… well, see for yourself. —- SPOILERS AHEAD!!! —-
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A little warning upfront: This is long. It has four pages in word.

As mentioned (several times *coughs*) before, Loki is the character I’ve taken most interest in when it comes to the Marvel movieverse. Even though the other characters are very interesting and come along with a lot potential, the adopted Odinson, especially since he is supposed to be the villain you shouldn’t root for, has a presence one can’t resist. Certainly I couldn’t.
Even more so as he’s not your typical villain, the one who’s evil, period. Actually, one could claim him to be simply misled and looking for love… or a hug, as Tom Hiddleston says himself.
I’m usually rather straight when it comes to my likings – there really has to be a good reason for me to not root for the hero at the end of the day. I might like the bad guy somewhere along the way through a story, but in the end, I’ll always wait and hope for the right one to win.
With AVENGERS, and then also THOR, it was different.
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So here I am…Spooky…author number two on this blog. Liz convinced me that I really should put some of my geekyness on paper…or better…out in the net…so I’m not to blame for anything that will happen here… 😉 Continue reading

Now that I’ve finally managed to watch the remaining second half of MENTALIST’s fourth season (I know, bit late… but I got, um, distracted…), I’m really beginning to wonder where good Bruno is going with this.
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After watching THE AVENGERS, I knew I couldn’t just leave it at that. Such an awesome movie deserves research on my end – meaning, I wanted to know more about the background.
Buying THOR was never a question; not of ‘if’ anyways, and also not really of ‘when’. Well. I think I did it, like, two days after I’d been to the cinema? 😀 Around the same time I bought a BD player… and thus also the THOR Bluray. Yep. Gooood decision.
Watching the movie with a friend, we both agreed that we definitely have to brush up on our knowledge about Norse mythology. I admit that I initially had my problems understanding the movie. So I unfortunately (I’m so not kidding. Coughs.) had to watch the movie again. And again. Aaaaaaaand… again. I even watched it with Audio Commentary by Kenneth Branagh. I just can’t get enough of it. Damn it being so awesome. Continue reading

It’s thursday. Thor’s day.Yes, that really is the origin of the word.
And what kind of weather do we have outside? Of course. A thunderstorm with lots of lightning. By the way, in German it is called “Donnerstag”, which translates to “thunder day”. Need I say more?
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Do you believe in the power of words? Well, I do.
Nine years ago I saw LABYRINTH for the first time. I loved the movie; I still do. If I have to name my most favorite movies of all time, LABYRINTH is one of those on the very top of the list. I can’t exactly say why, but the whole story has so incredibly much potential and inspires me to no end that I have no other chance than to love it.
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