These are just a few impressions from my recent CASTLE marathon. I hadn’t seen any eps of the last season and so I watched the whole thing, all 23 episodes, within a few days, a week max.
Now CASTLE has long lost its big appeal it had on me in the beginning, but I enjoy the show nevertheless, and of course the whole Caskett shipper thing, though being kind of ridiculous by now – because it took them much longer than any logic would allow – is kind of nice and sweet.

Of course this season had, like the ones before, many funny moments. Notably I laughed at Beckett’s attempt to climb onto Castle’s shoulders in ‘Cuffed’ (the first time when it didn’t work and they made a human knot of themselves), or the zombie episode. Then there are those moments when Kate said something suggestive and Castle realized it, and it was *of course* pointedly emphasized by the typical “fanfare”.
There were some facepalm moments as well, since Castle sometimes has this habit of being just… Castle. Yep, that probably describes it best.
The two-parter was a bit… pathetic. Really, such a case in a show like CASTLE? I don’t know. In ALIAS or X-FILES, okay, that would have been acceptable and believable. But in CASTLE it was way too dark and too far-fetched for their usual storylines. This was not something that was just endangering the city like before (the bomb thing last season, for example); this was about WW3. I think it was just too much for that show. I mean, the whole concept was interesting – one girl, or her death in that case, being the first domino to fall in a long line that will cause the next World War. I can imagine that there actually are such possibilities out there. But… not in CASTLE.
As for the characters. I like Esposito more with every new episode. He’s obviously a shipper, and he’s a total deadpan snarker. He just says what he thinks, and I like that very much.
Ryan has become a bit 2-dimensional in my opinion, even though his wedding with Jenny was sweet. But still… he just doesn’t seem to have that much importance. And paired up with Espo as he often is, he has to lose, since Espo is a much stronger character.
Martha is fun, as always. Though I think she had a lot less to do this season… but, her advice on Beckett and how Castle should proceed, was a great moment.
Alexis is getting on my nerves. When the show started, I thought of her as a clever, cute kiddo. Now she’s turning out to be exhausting and whiny and kind of bitchy. Maybe Castle did something wrong when he raised her; maybe he should have said no more often. But however you put it, I hope that there won’t be that much of her in the new season.
And then we have Caskett. As I said earlier, I don’t think that it was all that believable that they would wait that long. There were many moments where something could have happened, moments where it was clear that there was only that incredibly fine line they had to step over. Some of these moments were interrupted by Espo (the moments when I didn’t like him ^^), some had Beckett pull back. This whole, we don’t tell each other that we want each other, but are still angry and hurt and jealous when the other flirts with a third party or even looks at someone else was just stupid.
That is one reason why Castle lost me as a big fan later on, because they started out with too much sexual tension that would have needed to be resolved a lot earlier, especially because they reconciled and worked together normally after even the biggest crack in the relationship. There never really was a reason why they just didn’t get on it earlier. God knows they wanted it both. If Beckett really is/was afraid because of her history or whatever then it wasn’t very believable, at least not in my opinion, and not since the heavy flirting was there the whole time.
The last episode, the season finale, had some nice moments; particularly the conversation in Beckett’s apartment. We seldom saw and see Castle this serious, and I liked it very much; how he told her twice that he loves her, how he just confronted her. Her reaction was… to be honest, when I heard her answer the first time (the whole ‘my life’ thing), I thought that this had been written by a bad fanfic author. There was no connection between what they were saying, plus what she was saying didn’t make any sense. And I’ve seen that scene more than once. Apart from that, I stumble over what seems to be a grammar error in one of her sentences every time *lol*
Of course I was happy in the end. Finally, *finally* they’ve crossed the line. Loved the music when it happened (and have it, thanks to Spooky :)), although because of the thunderstorm in the background I couldn’t help myself but laugh. That was very cliched… Well, now all we have to hear is her actually starting to use ‘Rick’ instead of ‘Castle’ (and I’m just thinking of a fic where a man wondered why someone was screaming about medieval structures in the middle of the night…), and of course her answer to his… I think he has said it three times by now, his ‘I love you’?
I’m even happier that the season premiere will start where we left off in the finale. The spoilers sounded promising, and I hope for Mr. Marlowe that we get to see Caskett in bed, because I think the fans deserve that (nothing explicit of course, just that… you know… something for the shipper hearts and the shipper’s vid editing programs and Photoshops…). As of now, I’m positive when it comes to that. Plus, I also read that the set designers are creating two additional rooms – Beckett’s bed- and bathroom.
So I’m looking forward as to what expects us in the new season. Also, I’m curious how they will move forward in this relationship. I always suspected that a baby could be the next step before a wedding; but I also think both will happen, some time, and if even only in the last season.
Here’s an article from TV Guide that should sum up what is to come pretty good:

Castle’s sexy season premiere this fall will give fans everything they’ve always wanted. The ABC drama picks up in the moments following Beckett and Castle’s heated race to the bedroom. “We think it’s important to show the fans what this moment means for Beckett and Castle and how it may change and complicate their relationship,” says creator Andrew Marlowe. That’s right – Marlowe said relationship! He believes Moonlighting made “a big mistake” by breaking up its leads right after they did the deed, so “we’re taking a much different approach [and showing] the fun of being in a relationship.”
On the non-romance front, Alexis will keep her internship at the police station even after she moves to her college dorm, Ryan and Esposito are still on the outs and the mystery of who killed Beckett’s mother will finally be solved. “We do want to give Beckett some level of resolution,” says Marlowe. “It’s time to move beyond that mystery, but it leads to an explosive confrontation.”
Now, might Castle and Beckett move beyond dating to perhaps marriage and baby? Not anytime soon. Adds Marlowe, “After two failed marriages, he worries about screwing it up, and she worries about being wife No. 3.”

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