And on we go… I will probably not always have something to say about an episode, so these have different lengths.

1×03 – Snow Falls

  • As much as I loathe the Charmings by now, because they are so annoying, watching the first episodes back reminds me how well played their story was and is. I mean, these first moments – hours – they spend with each other and how you can actually watch them fall in love is actually impressive. It’s believable what happens there, just as it is believable that Charming rescues her when she is attacked by the black guards.
  • I’ve only now noticed that someone added an R on the “Toll Bridge” sign… lol… now it all makes a lot more sense.
  • It’s interesing how in these early stages of the show still almost every logic question and every doubt you can come up with is covered in the show in one way or another. Sadly, it doesn’t stay like this, as we know, when the plot in later seasons has simply too many story threads to be still possible to handle.

1×04 – The Price Of Gold

  • Rumple killing the fairy godmother by letting her explode is kinda funny. It’s such dark humor – it’s perfect.
  • Interesting that no one seems to notice or at least wonder about Rumple appearing at the Cinderella wedding. Much less does anyone interfere, which is even stranger. I mean, do they really not notice – or are they too scared, have too much respect?
  • How come Rumple falls for the whole, Ella is having twins thing? Shouldn’t he know? He knew Snow was having a daughter – or was that only because the child ws going to be the savior? Rumple is falling for the whole thing, and that seems really strange.
  • Regina sleeping with Graham – or vice versa – doesn’t make much sense to my mind.

1×05 – That Still Small Voice

  • One of the co-execs’ names is Liz Tigelaar. Is this, like, an inside joke? Because in the Wicked musical, I believe one of the characters has that as last name. Can’t remember if it was Fiyero or Elphaba though.

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July 2020