Let’s continue with the episode that introduces us to a character played by an actor who has since found his way into several blockbuster movies as kind-of one of the main characters… still, I miss Jefferson.

1×17 – Hat Trick

  • Knowing that Jennifer Morrisson and Sebastian Stan were a couple once kinda makes their interaction as Emma and Jefferson even more interesting to watch. Still think it’s a shame that Jefferson left so soon and didn’t get a bigger role, but I guess being Bucky was more important…
  • Actually I think it’s pretty risky what Emma does. I mean, there is a guy, walking alone at night in the woods, a guy she, as Sheriff, has never seen or heard of apparently, but who lives in an enormous house. Alone. Shouldn’t that be enough to raise her suspicions? It’s not surprising to find that he dosed her tea with some sort of drug or sleeping potion.
  • Smashing the cup with a pillow on top of it and using the shards to free herself is a really clever idea. I love how TV continuously gives me ideas and tips what to do should I ever be in such a situation 😉
  • Jefferson is probably the most tragic character in that whole show. Apparently he is, aside from Regina of course, the only person who remembers. He has lived 28 years in some kind of groundhog day, trying to find some way back to his known life and work – to his daughter. This is heartbreaking.

1×18 – The Stable Boy

  • Mr. Gold double-crossing everyone is sort of exhausting. For me, I mean. You never quite know who he will help, in the end. Okay, so he will always only help himself ultimately, but in the progress of that someone will benefit, and the question is – who?
  • It’s fascinating to watch how lovely and warm-hearted and open Regina was when she first met Snow. She immediately took a liking to young Snow, it seems, I’d even say that she readily accepted her as friend and little sister, if not daughter. Though probably not really daughter, since she is too young for that (at least for a daughter that age… theoretically, this is another society, after all).
  • It’s funny how they managed to find a young actress to play Snow that gives a spoiled, stupid brat impression right away, and thus is not any more sympathetic to me than grown-up Snow…
  • Regina blaming Snow for what happens is childish and stupid, to begin with. After all is Snow only a child and Regina is the more or less grown up – she should know better. And in the end it’s Cora who kills Daniel, not Snow. But even more stupid is the fact that Regina holds on to her hatred and despair, and to blaming Snow, even though she should have long since realized who the right target is. So that whole feud is kinda useless.
  • It even becomes more obvious when Regina realizes that her mother planned the whole thing with saving Snow and being proposed to by the king. Yet the one Regina directs her anger and hatred at is Snow. The only thing I can explain this with is that she is afraid of her mother or maybe even somewhere deep inside loves her so much that she could never bear to lose her, so she can’t hate her. But, later on we do see her kinda taking revenge on Cora as well, so that doesn’t seem to be the explanation either… It all boils down to it not making any sense, and I don’t remember it doing it later on.
  • By the way, Emma lashing out at August also isn’t very logical. Of course she is desperate, but what reason should August have to be in league with Regina and betray Emma? After all did he help her by giving hr the idea of how to find some new evidence in the first place, without however leading her to the bridge. She could have just as well found something against, dunno, David or Gold.
  • Yep. I HAD forgotten that Katherine returns. I assume that’s the help Mr. Gold was talking about.

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