And on we go… though there was not that much to say about that one.

  • The wraith was literally a tornado…
  • It’s interesting how only our main characters seem to keep a clear mind, while the rest of the town is totally lost and helpless. I mean, they have been living there all this time, even if they didn’t know who they were. So maybe it’s a bit stressful, waking up to reality, but still…
  • Oh, right. Snow and Emma gone is exactly what Regina wanted all along… so even if she knows anything, and we have to assume she does, she would never tell…
  • I’m wondering what would happen to Regina if she crossed the town line? Would she have a Curse self as well, only that it never came to pass and show because of the circumstances? Would she be the same? Or would something else entirely happen to her? That was never explored, I think. We have the dwarf with his lost personality, we have, later on, Belle, and we know that Emma and Henry can cross the town line because they are outsiders, much like Neal/Bae and August. But the rest?
  • I don’t care if they turn me green — oh ha ha…
  • In any case would Rumple forget… and who would he be then? We only know Gold when he was already aware of who he is. Or wait, I think he is shown shortly before remembering later on. But his condition was that he would have power, and he is known as the one who owns the town, so I assume he wasn’t much different. Only that he didn’t knew Belle then. Which would mean a huge difference.
  • How come that after everything that has happened Regina still can’t see the world through Henry’s eyes and understand that forcing love and affection with magic isn’t the desirable way?

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October 2020