If you can’t do one thing… well… do another.

Or in other words: Once again I have been distracted from watching ONCE UPON A TIME, first by watching STAR TREK PICARD, then the new season of LUCIFER, and finally by deciding that since Amazon has it, I can just as well finally (re)watch CASTLE till the end.

You see, the thing with CASTLE is, I once liked that show very much. I remember seeing a preview on our local TV and it amused me to no end. It was the scene where Castle tries to listen in on Beckett’s phone call and she grabs his ear and pulls it. I knew I had to watch this show then, and I was really enthusiatic in the beginning.

But then something happened, some Showrunner Interrupted or such, and I didn’t quite like it that much anymore. The moment when they decided that Castle possibly being dead is their season (5) cliffhanger, I was done with the show. Maybe even before. I don’t really remember.

Though I gotta admit that to my mind, CASTLE definitely suffered the MOONLIGHTING Curse – as soon as Castle and Beckett consummated their feelings, the show suddenly lacked a huge element of suspense. I think (and I remember saying that even back then) it was because the show put way too much focus on the tension, the relationship between those two.

Furthermore, the domesticity between those two was… boring. I mean, there were funny moments, and sweet ones, but other that it was so… normal. It took out a lot of fun and tension. They could have played them keeping it a secret better, but even that was only a side note and you never quite knew who had already found out and who was still in the dark. It was also kinda ridiculous. Why keep it a secret anyways? There was the attempt to give a – or some – reason(s), but at least for me they all were not really believable.

And then came the big storylines. The later seasons awaited with the FBI, huge conspiracies and a possible WW3 and I was like — what the hell? You are a damn Crime Dramedy, what are you doing??? Once again with the ridiculousness. It was way too much, and too big for a show with that premise.

Honestly, it was overdone. Not credible anymore. It had once started out with clever, funny cases, but what they did these last three or so seasons was unnecessary.

What I did like, from start to finish, was and is Martha. Dear Martha, always a joy see watch, always a joy to listen to. Susan Sullivan really did an incredible job, and I think in the end she was somehow the most interesting character in the whole show. Not because so many interesting things were made part of her storyline; quite the contrary. But it was just enjoyable to have her in every scene she was allowed to be on screen.

The other character I like very much is Esposito. It feels like that he was one of the very few adults around. For all his silly moments, he was still the silent support whenever needed, a strong presence.

Alexis is a whole different thing. I liked her a lot in the beginning. That clever, witty child that never appeared unrealistically adult, despite her oftentimes being more grown-up (of mind) than her father. Or mother. But then she became a teenager and they did the full program. I still think that was very OOC, because it was somehow a 180 from the younger Alexis. Especially that phase with her own apartment with that strange guy, her more or less breaking with her dad – it just didn’t fit. Then, in the end, she was part of his PI office and… I don’t know. Strange all the same. In general I mostly found her to be annoying, arrogant and stupid. Not stupid as in lacking intelligence, but more… bratty.

And then there is the show’s ending. What was that?! I remember that there were problems with the actors, the network and how it would all go on. I believe Nathan Fillion had a contract for another year or so, but Stana Katic didn’t, and among the rest it looked quite the same. They wanted to do another season, but then decided last minute to end the show.

The result is a finale that makes you think you’ve fallen asleep sometime in the middle and woken up after another half season has passed. I mean, it’s nice that they obviously thought, okay, let’s give at least the shippers some closure, but here is once more the core of the problem: Too much focus on Caskett.

In the end, and when I look at it now, it was a nice enough TV entertainment, but nothing more. My passion about this show has long since died down, but at least watching it (again) wasn’t a complete waste of time, though these last one or two seasons I did have a hard time to stay focused, that much I admit.

At least I can be happy that I didn’t miss something important when I stopped watching the show all these years back.

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