If you can’t do one thing… well… do another.

Or in other words: Once again I have been distracted from watching ONCE UPON A TIME, first by watching STAR TREK PICARD, then the new season of LUCIFER, and finally by deciding that since Amazon has it, I can just as well finally (re)watch CASTLE till the end.

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As we all remember – because how could you forget that – we ended last week’s episode with Lisbon in Red John’s hands. Now, we all knew that nothing would happen to Lisbon – that she would survive the encounter with the serial killer – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a reason to be nervous. Or curious how it goes on. Continue reading

I’m a sucker for canon. If something is canon, it’s law to me. I follow it as good as I can – whether I write fanfic, analyses, or anything the like.
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These are just a few impressions from my recent CASTLE marathon. I hadn’t seen any eps of the last season and so I watched the whole thing, all 23 episodes, within a few days, a week max.
Now CASTLE has long lost its big appeal it had on me in the beginning, but I enjoy the show nevertheless, and of course the whole Caskett shipper thing, though being kind of ridiculous by now – because it took them much longer than any logic would allow – is kind of nice and sweet.
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