Originally I wanted to rant and be angry. But the truth is, I’m just tired.

I know many won’t be happy with what I’m about to say, but I need to get this off my chest.

Cross-posted with my Tumblr.

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Yes, I am sad. Yes, I am frustrated.

But if I think about where it comes from, I realize: It’s in parts my own fault. Because I hang on to meta, read and write it, like the next fan. I let me give it hope, let it reassure me that what we want, what I want, what will become the truth, canon. 

But I want you to understand one thing:

All fanfic, metas, theories and interpretations are NOT the reality.

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I need to have that written down. Even if listening to it again right now will kill me.

Here’s Cas’ speech from Episode 15×18 “Despair” (that ep is so properly named…)

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After that absolutely crazy episode last night, I received this anon ask on Tumblr:

Ok but supernatural is like super homophobic. (And so is the actor confessing lol). Liek. He literally gets sent to hell right after confessing. The show literally just said “if you are gay you will go to hell”

Hi there Nonni!

Well. This is an interesting point; one, however, I can’t agree with. See, here’s the thing. I get why people think Supernatural is “super homophobic”. I know many think so, that much becomes clear if you spend enough time on Tumblr, which is by the way one of the reasons I have been absent for so long from here.

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I was afraid of the finale. I knew that they’d give us literal hell. I mean I still hope for something good, an ending we’ll all be more or less happy with. And I’m saying more or less because let’s face it – it’s a show we all love  dearly that is ending after 15 years and after oh so much history. 

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Here’s a long meta on why I think sonething will happen this season finale regarding our Destiel ship. Crosspost from my Tumblr.

So this time last year I was binge watching SPN and it was my first time seeing it so I’m pretty new. Is it typical for the fans towards the end of the season to start talking about how their ships going to become canon? I don’t wanna get my hopes up…

Hey there Nonny 🙂

Guess we have something in common, because I started just over a year ago. Watched seasons 1-7 in under one month (in March, to be precise, so around that time last year I’d just reached S9) ^^

Anyways, to answer your question. I think there’s a lot of hope in there. Making a ship that has existed for a long time canon is something special – you don’t do that just like this some time within the season as plot side note. Many ships were either strongly hinted at or made canon in special episodes, season finales or series finales (that’s something I claim after 17 years of watching TV shows and shipping, and after approaching the subject scientifically by writing my Bachelor thesis about shipping).

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reposted from my Tumblr

I’m rewatching “First Born” and it led me to have a disturbing thought. Cain’s story we all know – making a deal with Luce, killing Able, giving his soul so his brother can get into Heaven, whereas Cain himself ended up in Hell. He became a Knight, made other knights, and together they brought death and destruction upon the Earth.
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There was this discussion on Tumblr about the season could possibly end, and this is a repost of my reply. It reacts to the following previous post:

I definitely agree that everything seems to be building up to something Bad happening, but I feel like they’ve kind of played the “death” card too many times for it to have any real impact anymore. If any of these three die, we know they’re going to come back. I think it’s going to be something much worse.

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After seeing the promo for next week’s ep, I get this very nasty feeling that it’s not going to be Sam who is getting killed by Dean with the First Blade (as it is my theory for the finale), but that Dean is going to kill Cas, or even Cas Dean. No idea why, but the conflict between those two seems to be a greater one at the moment than the one between Dean and Sam.
I still think Jensen’s words regarding the finale fit Sam and Dean more (as it is, in the end, about the conflict between the brothers) but… mhh, maybe Dean wants to kill Sam and Cas tries to prevent it, getting hurt in the process (which is also the chance to bring in a Reversed Crypt Scene so many people are holding out for)? Though I doubt they’re really gonna write Cas out of the show (that would be…extremely stupid, for starters, and many others things also -.-).
Ugh, let me quote Cas at this point – I’m gonna be sick.