Dr. Whale/Frankenstein

I know, it’s getting old, me saying ‘it’s been a while”…but there you have it.

Anyways, I finally decided to continue my rewatch and hopefully I will now manage to get through the show, up until the very end.

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I’m screaming again. Because that’s the only thing you can do after THAT episode. OH. MY. GOD. It’s not like the episode itself, the whole thing, was already exciting and had me on the edge of my seat. But – the last minute? BLOODY HELL. And yes, still screaming. And on the verge of tears.
Be aware that there are spoiler spaces in that review. I always do my best to avoid spoilers for upcoming episodes… I rarely ever succeed. This time, I needed to include an outlook to the next episode(s).
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When you are completely excited, it happens that you miss something, or think to much and mess up facts. Happens to me on a regular basis and has me – on that same regular basis – bang my head on the desk, against a wall, or whatever is close in that moment.
Anyways. Here’s an addition/correction to what I wrote about the 2×11+2×12 spoilers, and some new speculations, including everything up to episode 2×14 and the new promo for 2×10.
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