And here we are, September 2013 – season three of Once Upon A Time. Dark nit looks out there, so to speak, we head into a world that isn’t as bright and shiny and colorful as the Enchanted Forest used to be, or SB was at least to some extent: Neverland awaits.
As announced at the end of last season, I’ll try and shorten my reviews, for I lack the time to write 10+ pages for every episode. So from now on, this will be a collection of notes of everything I noticed. Continue reading

I’ve decided to try and shorten the whole review thing a bit – it’s become just too much, around ten pages are a lot to write and I just don’t have the time. Also, I don’t think I need to put down the detailed plot; this I assume is known to those who read these summaries (if someone does, lol). Instead, I’ll try to structure the whole thing more. We shall see how it works out.
But, now for the review of ONCE UPON A TIME episode 2×20 – another Regina story.
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Lacey. Oh how have we been waiting for that episode. The Rumbelle ep. The one that would finally reunite Rumple and Belle… not quite. More like Lacey, Belle’s SB persona, and Rumple. Or Gold. Or…
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August is back! That was the biggest news about this episode; we had to wait long for Pinocchio to return after he went off in the season finale of S1 (or premiere of S2, depends on how you look at it), and was only seen in flashbacks ever since. Now he’s finally back… but again, not for long…
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For me this episode didn’t get a good start at all. And I’m not talking about the ep’s beginning itself; I’m talking about what happened before it. As mentioned countless times, I like spoilers. I read, watch, whatever them. And even though I try to not get every spoiler of ONCE, there’s still a lot I know beforehand. Now, spoilers are fine because usually they are made clever enough to only tease, often make waiting worse, and especially still keep the tension.
ABC, however, doesn’t seem to be able to do that. Before 2×16, they spoilt and teased A LOT. Including giving away the big “secret” of who’s gonna die. And yes, I think that was a secret because it could have worked; it could have left people on edge. But even for those who don’t read spoilers or don’t look at the countless set pictures from upcoming episodes’ shootings there wasn’t much of a secret left when ABC posted a picture with Rumple and Cora that said “One will die”. This was beyond stupid. Everyone knows that Rumple isn’t going to die; not permanently though, because let’s face it, he’s the most important character of this show, besides Emma maybe. Without Rumple OUAT wouldn’t work, period.
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Once again, the new episodes of ONCE UPON A TIME seems more like a filler episode; a breather that lets us prepare for the bombs that are yet going to be dropped in the upcoming episodes. This is not means as a criticism. OUAT is a show that needs such eps now and then, otherwise it would become too hard to follow all the plots and events. Continue reading

Oh yes, the wait was too long. Five weeks we had to go without OUAT; five weeks in which we were nevertheless tortured with spoilers, sneak peeks and the like. But, we did it. Because if there’s something worth waiting for, it certainly is ONCE UPON A TIME.
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…and thanks to Liz I just *have* to write it down here…
And of course this theory is about Once upon a Time.
Since Liz introduced me to this show my head is spinning and I have a lot of crazy ideas about the characters…some I have to share, others are way tooo absurd to let them out into the world, even for me… 😉
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