It was nice for a change to have some happiness in an episode, especially now that we’re closing in on Red John and everything is getting more thrilling. So episode three of THE MENTALIST’s season six promised some really happy moments – and most definitely fulfilled that promise. Continue reading

As we all remember – because how could you forget that – we ended last week’s episode with Lisbon in Red John’s hands. Now, we all knew that nothing would happen to Lisbon – that she would survive the encounter with the serial killer – but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a reason to be nervous. Or curious how it goes on. Continue reading

Finally the new season of THE MENTALIST has arrived. It was a long wait, especially with all the spoilers we were teased with over the summer – and the promise that this season will be a breathtaking rollercoaster. Well, looking at the season premiere, they once again seem to keep their promises. Continue reading

Even though THE MENTALIST’s penultimate episode of this season has nothing to do with Red John (not more than your average case of the week episode, anyways), there was, at least to me, this shadow, this sword of Damocles, hovering over it. Continue reading

I was a bit sad, if not to say disappointed with that episode – I actually expected something a bit more… spooky. Something that would have made use of that beautiful mansion. Well. Can’t have it all, and at least there were a few great moments on the J/L side 🙂
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