The second episode of season five promised to be an interesting one from the very beginning. After all, it had been announced to feature Charlotte – an older Charlotte. Or in other words: Jane’s daughter returns from the dead.
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The shows that have the ability to make your jaw drop to the ground. There’s not many of them – at least not for me – but THE MENTALIST is definitely on the list.
I watched the season premiere – the one I’ve been waiting for so much – and clung to my chair to not fall off of it. Continue reading

Now that I’ve finally managed to watch the remaining second half of MENTALIST’s fourth season (I know, bit late… but I got, um, distracted…), I’m really beginning to wonder where good Bruno is going with this.
MENTALIST has long lost its lightweight charm, but has become a serious, at times even deeply psychological TV series with a dose of humor. Ever since Patrick murdered the man he believed to be Red John, maybe ever since he met Red John one season earlier, things definitely have changed. Continue reading