John Watson

Please be aware that this is massive – bring some time if you want to read it (and it’s only the first part, lol).

Before the episode aired, there were teasers going around, one of them said that TSoT is a love letter to John Watson. Naturally, everyone, me included, assumed that this is a love letter from the show’s creators to John because he’s just as much an important person in a show where focus mostly rests on the titular main character Sherlock Holmes.

I don’t think anyone predicted that we could be wrong. This was a love letter to John Watson, all right. But not from the creators. It came right from said titular main character himself.

I wasn’t sure how to approach this review, but in the last one using headlines worked pretty well. This time though it won’t be about characters, but events. I hope it all makes sense. There might be repeats in there, but it is still the easiest way to do this review.

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And another answer to an ask I received following my post Defending John Watson. Reposted from my Tumblr.

drrjlng asked you:
January 13th 2014, 10:02:00 pm
Just wanted to thank you for your post about John. I really hope you are right about this, because I feel wierd about John’s lack of emotions towards Sherlock. John seems to usually put what he thinks is his duty first, so maybe he feels like he has now picked Mary, and has to stay with her. Also, he probably doesn’t have the courage to tell Sherlock how he really feels, maybe he doesn’t even accept his own feelings. “New” Sherlock seems to almost push John in the opposite direction… So sad.

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Reposted from my Tumblr

– Please be aware that this is very incomplete. I didn’t want to go into that ep before I’m not done with my review/meta on TSoT. But I seeing all those posts on HLV, I had to write something. It misses a lot, but rest assured, even if that was included, I’d still come to the same conclusion. –
Suddenly, after the first enthusiasm had died down, my dash seemed to be full of people posting disappointed opinions, metas and analyses. And many speak of one central issue: John Watson and his behavior throughout the season.
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Because this speech is so beautiful that you can’t have it often enough in written form, to read it again and again, here is Sherlock’s (core) wedding speech, written by the incredibly talented Steven Moffat. Don’t say that often, but – bless him for these perfect words.
In addition, you also find Sherlock’s vow below.
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Entry to be found here; reposted from my Tumblr.

Sorry. I can’t do it any more. I was going to attempt to mimic John’s style of writing for an entire blog post but life’s too short. And I say that as someone who died over two years ago.

I started reading this blog post and squealed with happiness and laughed. Then I read on and was reduced to a simple smile. And before I had finished even that had died.
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Okay, before the episode is on next Sunday, I have to get a few theories and thoughts out, especially in face of certain (non-)spoilers.
Please be aware that this is of course possibly SPOILERy, so turn away now if you don’t want to know.
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A lot has been said about this episode already, by me as well, but I nevertheless want to go into again because there is so much to see and analyze, and I love how it is like this, because that makes a good TV show – at first you laugh a lot (and I sure did), but then you look behind all that and it is not so funny anymore. Continue reading

(There are my thoughts I just needed to get down. I’m sure this whole analysis/text/whatever has been done countless times already, but I’m new to the fandom and always use the opportunity to get my own opinion down before I read others, since my head likes to be busy 😉 Also, I’m starting from the scratch, have not yet read the original stories by Doyle – have only just started with that – and thus use what I see.)
I’ve never been a slasher, and also not the biggest fan of slash ships where they are not canon. I never actively shipped a slash couple, even though I didn’t mind the canon ones like, for example, Jack/Ianto on TORCHWOOD (and I still shipped Jack/Gwen till the very end).
Now, however, a non-canon slash ship has found me and made me love it from the very first minute on: Johnlock.
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Long time, no post – even my blog suffers from the silly season. But as we close in on September and the return of our favorite shows, it’s now time to dust the blog – and that I do with a new show I discovered for myself.
The blessing and at the same time curse of coming into a new fandom is that there is an awful lot to talk and think about.
About three weeks back I started watching SHERLOCK. I wanted to buy some DVDs when I was in Ireland, but they didn’t have anything of what I wanted, so out of frustration I bought SHERLOCK. Many people had been suggesting to me to watch it, and m Twitter was full of it, so I thought, might as well give it a try, seems to be good.
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