The Vampire Diaries

I was going through my old posts because I am trying to compile a list of when I started to watch all the shows I have ever watched, which really is no small project.

Anyways, while doing that I came across this post and it says the following (this was concerning Sebastian Roché):

And found con videos, as he has obviously also played in SUPERNATURAL and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – two shows I don’t watch and won’t start to watch (at least not the latter… the first maybe, one day, when I’m REALLY bored).

I laughed. Really, really loud. Isn’t it funny how times change? I knew that at least TVD I had once said I never want to watch. I didn’t know I hadn’t written that down also.

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You know these TV shows you have a very steadfast opinion about not wanting to watch them? That don’t appeal to you, and you are sure are not your thing… even though you have never seen them, or dove deeper into what they are about in general?


This is me, admitting to be being horribly wrong.

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