Wayne Rigsby

It was nice for a change to have some happiness in an episode, especially now that we’re closing in on Red John and everything is getting more thrilling. So episode three of THE MENTALIST’s season six promised some really happy moments – and most definitely fulfilled that promise. Continue reading

Finally the new season of THE MENTALIST has arrived. It was a long wait, especially with all the spoilers we were teased with over the summer – and the promise that this season will be a breathtaking rollercoaster. Well, looking at the season premiere, they once again seem to keep their promises. Continue reading

As much as one loves a show, there will of course always be episodes one doesn’t enjoy as much as most of the others. That doesn’t make a show bad in any way, nor does it do the same to particular episode.
The latest MENTALIST episode was all about Wayne Rigsby. I like Rigsby. But, to me he’s not the most interesting character. And yet was even that episode touching.
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