I’ve been a SIMS player for a long time now. That said, you don’t have to think that I’d play all the time. Quite the contrary; sometimes I won’t play for months at a time, then have a week or two when I’m totally crazy about it again (or another game, like PORTAL for example), before it all returns to “normal” (= not playing).
And sometimes, I don’t play – I just create. Styles, Sims and – houses.

ONCE UPON A TIME has a few fascinating houses. Regina’s certainly is beautiful, and Jefferson’s absolutely intriguing. But the most interesting for me, and not only because I love the character residing in it so much, is Mr. Gold’s. This one just looks like a house taken from a fairy tale, one that seems to await you with all kinds of surprises and promises of great adventures. The moment I first saw it, and saw the door (with the multi-colored glass tiles!), I fell in love with it.
So when I had another afternoon of playing a bit SIMS 3, because it is freezing cold and unfriendly outside, and the masses of snow are only good for looking at, but certainly not for walking in, I gave myself the task of rebuilding Mr. Gold’s house, using every source possible – episodes 1×12 and 2×04, set photos, Google pics and Street View. Yes, this house actually exists and is, as far as I know, even for sale – it is named “Charles Murray residence” and can be found in 403 St George St, New Westminster, BC V3L 2T9, Canada. It is described as “a Queen Anne Revival style mansion constructed in 1890 for Charles Murray, a local designer and artist. A British Columbia historic building since 2000”.
In the end, I encountered some inconsistencies; some things that just don’t work with what we’ve seen of the interior on the show, so I had to become creative and try and do my best to still keep it as close to the original as possible. As a result, I reconstructed the rooms that could be seen on the show as they were, left out the basement, and added the rest so that it fits.
And of course had the house still be playable.
So this is it. What you’re seeing are outside views (including Belle and Rumple), the main entrance with view direction towards the living room Rumple walks into when he finds that he’s been robbed, the view kitchen to main entrance door, which can be seen in 2×04, with Belle sitting “behind” the stove (there is a fireplace missing, I know, but it didn’t fit anymore), and the bedroom we also see in 2×04 when Belle wakes up and when Rumple is looking for her.
If you have SIMS 3, you can download the house here: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=6726914
Please note that you’ll need the Add-ons “Ambitions” and “Supernatural”. I also used a store object; don’t know if that will cause problems when you don’t have it (it’s “The Not So Routine Machine”).

Before I decided to rebuild that house, I had already created two Sims – Belle and Rumple. Now, I can never remember which characteristics two Sims need to be attracted to each other, to have that chemistry that will make them eventually fall in love. Therefore, I simply created the two of them with all characteristics I saw fit with how we’ve gotten to know them on the show (Rumple, for example, is a loner and a genius, and Belle loves books and is friendly…). Then, after I’d built the Gold house, I put him in that one and Belle in a simple one directly next to his.
And I let them meet for the first time. Only to almost double over. They were attracted to each other on first sight – both showed a symbol (a heart and a magnet) I had, in all my years playing Sims, never seen before. They talked for a while and fell in love without me doing, well, anything. It all was so quick like I’d never seen it before; not even with those I’d paid more attention to creating so they’d be “compatible”. Also later, Rumple, again without me doing anything or “ordering” them to do something, caressed her cheek just like the real one had done in 2×04.
So either I’m going crazy, or… this is magic.
Or maybe they’re just meant for each other, in any world and reality.

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