Did I mention that I’m a proud owner of a Bluray player and a HD TV?
Yes, I can be very stubborn at times. I love new tech, but sometimes I just resent certain things. Same happened with HD when it all started. In tech markets they had TVs that showed a comparision between HD and normal solution, and I always said: I don’t see any difference. And anyways, what’s wrong with the quality we have? It looks just fine.
Well. That was *before* I saw movies like IRON MAN, THOR, or even THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. What do they call it on TVtropes? Right. Scenery Porn. And that is even more satisfying, um, enjoyable 😉 when in HD.
When there is something I can’t get enough of at the moment then it is the ‘flight’ through Yggdrasil (the universal tree in Norse mythology) and over the golden city of Asgard. Bloody hell, is that beautiful. I don’t know how often I’ve seen that scene already, but no matter how often, I still sit there and watch in awe every single time. Again and again.
Yes, for epic movies like the ones from the Marvel-verse, or especially fantasy ones like the Narnia movies, the HD version is definitely worth to watch. I don’t think though that one needs it for every movie. And I’d never buy Blurays of older movies that weren’t even filmed in HD, because HD wasn’t yet standard. I love LABYRINTH, but a Bluray would just not make any sense.
Same goes for animated and Disney movies. They’re lovely in 720*576 solution a well.
Nevertheless – HD is a great invention. You have more details, better colors, all in all a way more effective and impressive picture. And in the end, it brings you closer to the action, because the picture are more clear, maybe almost like you’d be sitting at a window and watch. Add to that 3D (which is also already available for home cinema… time really runs…), and you know what is of appeal to the people out there: being part of the action.
Because who wouldn’t want to fight alongside their heroes? This is a whole new level of ‘parasocial interaction’…

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