Jane’s bearing gifts again…

So… yeah. Not that much to say about this episode, just a few notes.

For one, we have Jane, Fisher and Cho teamed up, which is a nice combo. In general I kinda like that there are always slightly different combinations of them; gives the chance to see how they work together, how the chemistry between them is and so on. Those three are a dynamic trio that is fun to watch; it also reminds a bit of the old days, without repeating them though.

The idea that Jane gives everyone what they’ve always secretly wished for – Cho gets jumping beans, Abbott a superhero, Fisher a magic wand for children – was cute, although I seem to have missed what the reason behind all that was. Also, I wondered why Lisbon didn’t get anything? I mean, I’d get if he gave something to Fisher and Abbott, because those two are new and need to play on his side of the team, but Cho? He’s behind Jane anyways. It didn’t quite make sense and I wonder if there’ll be callback to that later on. Also I would have expected her to protest – she has done it before, after all – but nothing. No word, no reaction. Is she maybe fearing getting something from him? Because things are now so awkward between them that a simple gift can’t be given anymore?

Although, thinking about it now… well, Jane has already given Lisbon what she has always secretly wished for (or wished for as a child, the other presents also aim for that) – the pony. Of course has a pony an entirely different financial value compared to what the others have gotten – so Jane put a lot more effort in Lisbon’s gift, which is not surprising, but still notable.

One of the moments – and it’s the small things again – I absolutely loved was the conversation on the phone the one morning. It was so normal and everyday-ish, as if they do just that, well, every day. A routine they both still need and feel comfortable with; maybe even need to feel comfortable and content.

Last but not least there is LaRoche. After Ardiles he’s another one of the old faces they’ve killed off. Where is this going I wonder? Of course, the more people the ex-CBI team knew are getting killed, the smaller becomes the circle around Jane, Lisbon & co. – a possible hint at something endangering them? I have to admit that I don’t feel that strong about LaRoche getting killed, though I didn’t mind him anymore. I was no fan of him either, so…

Oh well, in any way this is working its way towards Grace & Wayne’s goodbye, and I’m afraid this will be no quiet and peaceful sendoff…

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