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Hello there. I hope you’re not getting fed up with me coming to babble to you but… Well, I just feel like I should say that I’m scared for Sherlock s4. I have absolutely no idea where they’re taking this now. So Moriarty is back (or is he? we don’t actually even know…) and Mary is an assassin and alive with the baby. I thought the point of this show was Sherlock and John’s relationship. Their friendship. Now I don’t know. How’s John going to run off with Sherlock with a baby home?

Hi! Oh no, always write, I love it 🙂 All right now *cracks fingers*
I see why you are worried. Right now, there seems to be much wrong with the show, at first sight at least. I feel that, while we were made believe there is no cliffhanger this time (none involving any of our favorite characters in a terrible situation), I think this whole series is one huge cliffhanger. The whole series makes a bit of an impression that for the first time Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss realized that everything they want to put into it – and even in those three episodes is so much plot that it is hard to get it all after several times of watching – just doesn’t fit anymore. It’s too much. So it seems like we’ll be getting a direct continuation of events and hopefully many answers to questions left open in this series in the next one.
I don’t believe Moriarty is back. Someone uses him in my opinion, his face, his voice. Might be that there is some cut material from when he made his “Sir Boast-a-lot” message back in TRF that was used by someone (I go with Moran, as many people already suspect; even Mycroft would work, thought to my mind that would maybe too dangerous for him and his position), or whatever, but Moriarty is not back. That would be lame and uncreative, and Mofftiss has never proven to be that. I can’t imagine yet where this is going, but I’m really thrilled to see it – at the very least because it brings Sherlock back to John 😉
The point of this show is indeed John/Sherlock, no matter whether one wants to see it as friendship or more. It still is. This series specifically was all about them, to my mind. Everything that happened, everything that was done – on Sherlock’s part – was about John. We saw this season how much John means to Sherlock, and, as I wrote in my meta yesterday, we also saw that John is starting to realize Sherlock’s true feelings, and how he reacts to it (for now with shock and disbelief and an utter insecurity as to what to make of it).
As for the baby, for now I go with the theory that Mary will leave, for whatever reason. I can’t yet see them kill her and the baby, and they can’t leave the baby back. That just doesn’t work, as much as I’d like to see it. Sooner or later it will be back to Sherlock and John, together, and just them, but that only works if there isn’t, for John, that huge sad memory of losing Mary and his child. So it will be something like witness protection for her, possibly without his prior knowledge though, so he can’t stop them or go with them. My theory for now.
I’d love to write more, but I have to go to work – sorry! 🙁 Hope that helps for now. PLEASE don’t leave faith. I’ve been watching TV shows for more than 15 years, and there’s about a hundred shows there I know. I lved many of them, but there are only three showrunners/writers I truly trust – Russell T. Davies, Bruno Heller (The Mentalist), and Steven Moffat. I firmly believe he won’t disappoint me, and you should believe that, too, because that man knows what he is doing – and after all, Sherlock IS an extraordinary show, isn’t it? That’s why we’re so invested in the first place. 🙂

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