1×08 – Desperate Souls

  • “Gold? You in here?” – “Well, it is my shop.” 😀
  • Gosh I love Rumple – and how Robert Carlyle is playing him. Just perfect.
  • Well hi there, Ty Olssen. Could have given you a nicer role…
  • I don’t get what the big deal with running away from a war is. Like – who wouldn’t run away from fighting and death?! Yeah, so I am not military, nor have I any ties to anything military, so I guess I’ll never get what the big deal is about “deserting”. If someone doesn’t want to fight and risk their life – so be it.
  • So Regina is mayor of a fictional town. Emma comes from the real world. How in the hell did Regina manage to get Emma’s sealed juvie records? That doesn’t even make sense because those two can’t cross, no matter how much magic is involved – and at the moment there is none.
  • Rumple actually wanted to turn the DO’s powers to good – and I believe it really did. He wanted to save the children and wanted to use the powers to do good. There is no reason to assume he was lying to Bae. Why should he? No, Rumple is a good man, maybe not the bravest, but a good one nonetheless. And I think later on we’ll see very clearly how much struggle there is still inside him, how much he still wants to be good, especially for Belle.
  • “Do hope you’re not gonna break my little bell.” — uhh, nice one. Maybe the was a bell with an e at the end…
  • Still, one has to acknowledge that despite everything we see about pre-Dark One Rumple, he is able and obviously also not very hesitant about killing. Is it just because he would do anything to keep Bae safe – or is it because he has it in him, after all?
  • Rumple is killing with the DO dagger when he is the DO. Later on, as we know, he can’t kill with the dagger because it will kill him as well. Plothole, much?

1×09 – True North

  • Why does Regina send Emma with the kids out of Storybrooke? Doesn’t she know, shouldn’t she know that no one can leave – at least not anyone who actually is part of SB?
  • Always great to see Nicholas Lea again. Somehow he left a lasting impression on me when I first saw him in X-Files, lol.
  • Does Emma ever consider that she is living with her mother? Does she ever let herself think that this is true?

1×10 – 7:15 a.m.

  • Empty cabin somewhere in the solitude of the woods. Found by MM and David. Go figure.
  • The stranger we’ll later know as August should raise much more suspicion than he does. I mean, there is a guy coming to SB. Regina is nervous about it, but she still seems rather… calm at the same time.
  • And here I thought the typewriter was revealed much later… or was it a page in it? Dunno.

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