Behind the cut for spoiler and length reasons.

– I like Ann Marie. I think she’s a good character, and depending on whether she’ll gets a bigger role (I’m not sure, I’m not really up-to-date…) she could be one of the strong female characters this show doesn’t have at the moment.
That said – I’m not among the majority that complains about all this stuff regarding how women are handled on the show. If there are few to no female characters and the story works, it’s absolutely fine by me. I believe in showrunners and that they know what they do, what story they want to tell and HOW they want to tell it. Consequently, Dean insulting Ann Marie is really the last thing that would make me complain about the episode – especially since I didn’t see it as insult against her, in my opinion it’s open for interpretation what and who he really meant with his words.
– I (still) don’t like Hannah. This has nothing to do with her role, or her possible potential as Cas’ love interest. I don’t really believe in the latter, but should she become his love interest, well, I’m sure it’ll make sense in the long run, plus I doubt it’d be endgame. Still, I never liked her, I don’t know why. It’s just this thing with, some people you simply cannot stand.
– I enjoyed the Dean/Crowley dynamics very much. Jensen and Mark work perfectly as a team/duo, and I really hope we get to see a bit more of them, because their banter is very entertaining. But then, I’m also a fan of Crowley/Mark, period, so… 😉
– Same goes for Demon!Dean, I enjoyed him as well. No… not… in that way O.o
Anyways, Dean as a demon (I refuse to call him Deanmon, sorry, that’s a god-awful pun) works – for now at least – maybe also because (or despite?!) he is rather “nice”, and not some huge and complete douchebag. I think there’s a lot of the old Dean in there that bleeds through, even if on the surface he’s a different person for the moment.
– About the whole thing with Cas, well, here it takes a bit the suspense away since we know he’s not going to die. But it certainly is going to be an interesting story of how Cas will manage to survive, and what he’ll have to do. What I didn’t get was why he didn’t live in the bunker with Sam. Instead he is in this shabby, rundown room. It would make sense to me for Cas to live in the bunker; there is no reason to stay away, since Gadreel is not around anymore, and he and Sam seem to work together anyways. This seemed a bit strange to me and was probably the only thing that didn’t make sense.
Cas being in such a bad condition was the one thing that really touched me about this episode. I felt so sorry for him. Might be because I love Cas and Misha, or might be because Misha is such an amazing actor, but whatever it was, Cas is obviously in pain and I fear it’ll be getting worse for him, so one has to wonder when his friends will come to help him…
As a side note, I loved Cas’ “I miss him”, but I don’t freak out about it. Similarly, his list of human emotions was something to keep in mind, but nothing I get excited about just yet. Granted, if all these emotions are those he has felt so far, then love surely is something to wonder about, but on the other hand it doesn’t have to say anything.
– As for how it will continue, well, something tells me that, no matter what Dean said, he’ll come to help Sam. As said above, I do believe our Dean is still in there, he’s just stowed away. Maybe the human in him will break through, or maybe even Crowley will intervene. I definitely can’t wait to see what they’ve thought of; we know what will happen between Sam and Dean, and we know that there’ll be reconciliation, but other than that it’s all open and it’s gonna be awesome, I’m sure.

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