I don’t care if it’s impossible, implausible, ridiculous or whatever. I need to go to sleep and can’t do so as long as my brain doesn’t stop thinking, so I just write this down. Ignore me.

Here’s my theory.
From Misha and the latest TVLine article we know that Cas doesn’t deplete his Grace this season. From Jared (also CW Upfronts interview) we know that whatever happens in the finale is setting the basis for a story arc that apparently has the potential to last several seasons.
I like the theory that Dean turns demon and Sam cures him, effectively finishing the trials. Resulting in the gates of Hell being closed. But – also in all demons being expelled to Earth, just like the Angels before?
So Angels on Earth, and now Demons, too? Let the war begin.
I love about it that it could incorporate Crowley; that, in the end, maybe he does work with the boys because Demons on Earth = anarchy, and he likes it when they are all under his regime.
On the other hand, there is still the thing about Dean and the First Blade, and while I like the Sam curing Dean theory (which would also fit the whole brotherly love and Sam does care thing), I can just as well see Dean killing Sam – or trying to kill him.
My biggest problem is that I’m somehow stuck with the Sam turns into an Angel idea. I can totally imagine that. Sam being killed by Dean, and someone – God?! – intervening, but since he can’t be brought back, what with the power of the First Blade an all, Sam has to become an Angel to be able to continually interact with Dean. Maybe even save Dean in the end.
And what if, later on, Sam gives up his Grace for Cas? We know that Cas will need a new Grace, as long as he doesn’t get back his own, and even though it is said that he may do things that are not honorable to get one, it could still turn out to be only attempts, whereas in the end his new Grace does indeed come from Sam.
Ugh. I wonder why we theorize at all, It’s not like we can know for sure before we’ve seen the episode, or can change anything, for that matter.
Brain stop thinking. -.-

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