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Okay, fellow Mentalistas and Jisbon shippers, here’s a thought.
A while ago I read that Mentalist was once pitched as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Think about it – it makes sense. There are definitely some SH canon elements TM follows.
For example Jane’s observational skills he uses to solve crimes as a consultant for the police (or a police-like organization, in that case) – they can, alas on a different level, be compared to Holmes’ skills. In a way Jane is even a consulting detective; surely he is a consulting mentalist.
Lisbon is the Watson to Jane’s Holmes; the only one he truly gets along with, he truly trusts, and who can tame him (more or less). Red John is of course Moriarty, Holmes’ archnemesis.
This season, after “Holmes” Jane has killed “Moriarty” Red John (The Reichenbachfall), he vanishes for two years. Even though he stayed in touch with “Watson” Lisbon, she’s apparently still left in the dark about where he is, and had he ever decided to vanish completely, she probably would have had no way to find him ever again – much less know how he is and whether he is still alive.
Now we come to what has been announced for the upcoming episodes. The FBI agent Lisbon will be together with? It sounds a lot like he will be the first significant man/love interest in her life ever since the show started. Which brought me to the conclusion that, if they stick to major plot points of ACD canon, this FBI guy could turn out to be something like Lisbon’s “Mary” – the woman Watson is married to while Holmes is away. I know that in the novels, Mary never plays a bigger role, but recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations have always paid a bit more attention to the Mary character – for one sole purpose it seems: Showing Holmes irritated by the relationship, if not even jealous.
What we could get now is Lisbon having a relationship and Jane very much not liking it. I don’t know if something is going to happen to the FBI guy (Mary died in the books) or if she’ll simply give him a kick up the backside, but I’m sure that in the end, “Mary” will be gone, like she always is, and “Holmes” and “Watson” will be (back) together – as partners and, as I assume, this time also lovers.
This is my headcanon now, no one can convince me otherwise, and I’ll sleep very good the next Sunday nights, thank you very much.

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