Just yesterday I noticed how in the unaired pilot, when they’re off to Angelo’s and John comes out of 221B, Sherlock waits for him, then goes back and closes the door – and John seemingly expects him to. I think this is fascinating on many levels, from both men’s sides.

John may have a limp, but seriously, I could open and close doors with various leg/foot problems and limps, including a broken leg (and two crutches), and since John’s been living alone so far, he could have done it there as well.
Now you could say, maybe John would have closed the door, but Sherlock was quicker. Yes. But look at the scene. John doesn’t even flinch, there is no movement indicating that he even has the intention to close the door himself; he simply lets Sherlock do it and is not even confused/irritated by it.
Sherlock, on the other hand, is not exactly the most considerate and gentlemanly person – except towards John, whom he not only waits for (as he also did before at the top of the stairs when John first came to check out the flat), but also goes back and closes the door for without hesitation (actually he turns around to do so even before John is through the door).
Seriously, I absolutely don’t get over how different Sherlock acts around John from the very beginning, compared to his usual behavior (again, Mrs. Hudson doesn’t count). I consider myself a very polite and friendly person, but all the things Sherlock does not even I would do – not when I’ve only just met the person.
Funnily enough, this scene isn’t in ASiP, so I assume they thought that this was too friendly an action for Sherlock, lol.
Edit: If you don’t have the DVD/BD with the pilot, google it. It’s easy to find. Scene is in minute 31.

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