So many people seem to be worried because of the spoiler that said something about Jane giving a speech in 7×10. Now, we all know what will happen in the episode – the promo made that clear, one of them will die, and those who have paid attention also know who it will be.
But, as usual, I am not worried when it comes to Jane and especially Jane & Lisbon, contrary to the seemingly common mood in the fandom right now.

Of course Jane will come to a point where he can’t do this anymore.
Because, there is one very important thing we must never forget: Jane is just a civilian. For all the work he has done with and for law enforcement, in the end he is just a husband and father who wanted nothing more than find the murderer of his family and avenge his wife and daughter. What he did on the path is respectable and was oftentimes also honorable, but the fact remains: He is no law enforcement officer. He is a man with skills, skills that lie in being very good with words and occasionally being horribly careless, though never without purpose. He is, however, also a man that is a coward. I don’t mean this as a negative character trait; he is as cowardly as the next civilian the moment someone draws a weapon and threatens their life, which is totally okay and normal in my book.
Red John’s death and their “new” life in Texas with the FBI might just have made Jane feel safe. Or safer at least. He has Lisbon, who he loves unconditionally, he still has his work, which I think gives him a sense of purpose, but now without the pressure of having a mission to fulfil. He likes what he’s, and he knows they have him because they need him.
But danger? Danger is nothing he seriously considered ever since RJ’s death, and until 7×08 when suddenly he realized something could just happen to Lisbon. It’s his weakness – she is his weakness. She is the closest to a normal, happy life he’s come in so long and the can’t lose her.
When * dies (leaving that open, just in case), it will make it clear to him that no one’s safe; even less so while they are in law enforcement, and around this kind of work. There is, I think, a kind of bubble he was hopefully clinging to that now bursts. Death is no stranger to them. Can never be as long as they do that kind of work, as long as they deal with criminals on a daily basis. Death had nothing to do with Red John, as he might just have made himself believe.
So can he do this anymore? Can he watch danger in the eye, day in and day out, especially now that is has become so clear that it is just around the corner, that death awaits them any second they make even the tiniest of mistakes? No, of course he can’t. And even less can he watch Lisbon do this, the woman he loves, his anchor, his life and his normality he was waiting so long to have again.
But can he leave? No. Jane is, for all intents and purposes, a protector. He has always promised to be there for Lisbon and to protect her, and he won’t break that promise now. He wouldn’t leave her; not when he is scared of losing her in the first place.
They will discuss it; he will ask her to quit her work maybe. They will question again how to go on, but only professionally. It will put a strain on their relationship, but not for one second do I believe that Jane will allow their relationship to even take a break, much less fall apart. And I refuse to believe Lisbon would be willing to do it. You don’t fall in love slowly over the course of 10+ years (yes, I see their friendship as part of that) only to then let go of it because one is worried, scared even, of losing the other.
We know how stubborn those two can be. And it will show in these last few episodes more than ever before. But then one other thing we will see is the strength and depth of their love for each other, and how that will help them find a solution. Together.
And that, my dear Mentalistas, is why I am not worried. Because I have believed in Jisbon as much as I do in Bruno Heller. And I always will.

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