Someone asked Jane Espenson on Twitter what the broken chipped cup means, and what outcome this may have in the long run.
Jane Espenson’s answer: “Buffy killed Angel at the end of season two.” (read on below the cut)

Now, first of all, I think that JE is just messing with us. She knows there are many, many Rumbellers out there, and they love their ship very much. So, however, do the Emilie and Bobby, and so also do the producers, imo. Therefore I’m sure no one will die – no one of importance to us. Or, no one will die in a classical sense.
Because what could that answer mean? Buffy was the one to hunt the bad guys, the possessed ones. Consequently, it would be Belle who kills Rumple. Well. That’s pretty self-explanatory – not gonna happen. They won’t kill Rumple. This would be like killing the show, because let’s face it: Without Rumple, there is no OUAT. He’s the one who’s seen it all, them all, throughout centuries (three, according to Robert Carlyle), and killing him off would rip a hole into the show and its plot that no one will survive. Least of all the show itself.
What I imagine to be possible is that Belle “kills” the Dark One – because by the end of the season, she’s fallen in love with Rumple again (if she doesn’t even remember) and kisses him. Under the right circumstances, maybe them being back in FTL or something, she’ll free him from the Dark One, his “curse”. Effectively killing the “bad guy” in Rumple – a bit like Buffy, just without the impaling thingy (kissing is so much nicer anyways).
Also, as far as I know, Angel didn’t die for good (now that sounds strange…). I’ve never seen Angel, and I’ve seen only a bit of Buffy, but since Angel even had his own show, I guess he returned… in one way or another. And weren’t they lovers? Buffy and Angel I mean.
So I wouldn’t be too concerned; there’s a lot to interpret into JE’s words, but I neither Belle nor Rumple will be killed. That would be outright stupid, and so far the writers have proven to be a lot (especially very cruel to us… ;)), but certainly not stupid. Besides, as 2×11 showed us – there are other ways than killing a character, and more importantly, than killing Belle.
Rest of the theorizing in my upcoming review of 2×12 😉

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