… or: OUAT’s season finale and season 2.

Just because I’m crazy like that, I have of course watched the remaining episodes in record time. I just needed to know what would happen next, as they increased the tension towards the finale.
Now, magic is back. Or maybe not. I mean, is it? Isn’t Rumple saying to Belle that he’s bringing magic back with the True Love potion? The EQ, however, doesn’t have any powers, as became clear in the first sneak peek of the season premiere.
But first things first. While the episodes before took their time to reach their end, the last one was over so quick I had to check if I really had the complete one. I don’t know if this should criticize any of them – actually, it’s more like the first 21 were so fully packed that after a while I always wondered how much more there can possibly happen in one episode, and if it shouldn’t be over yet. The last one had such a pace that it appeared awfully short and I would have loved to see so much more of it.
Guess that, in any way, I’ll have to wait another… nine days? Not gonna survive that.
Okay, so. The reason why Emma is the Savior is because she is the “product” of True Love – the one between Snow White and Char- uh, James *g* (I agree with Snow, I also prefer Charming). So she is personified True Love – and as we know from our childhood as well as it was taught in the show, True Love conquers all. Even the most terrible curse.
I guess I could have understood that earlier, but there was so much to understand and work through that it probably slipped me.
So Emma’s True Love’s Kiss to Henry was the missing puzzle piece to release them all… or, well, at least release their memories. Had to grin when Mother Superior/Blue Fairy kinda threatened Regina. You better go and hide, Your Majesty, oh yes…
What I found more interesting at this point, however, is that it actually all is one grand scheme of Rumplestiltskin’s. That’s like… he has to be one hell of a chess player, as he’s obviously able to foresee what feels like a hundred moves. Everything he did, everything he asked of the fairytale characters in his world was part of his plan. Everything takes its place in his plan; everything is another piece of the puzzle. And he just waited for them to find each other and form the whole picture (while I doubt that this is already the whole one).
Except for Belle maybe. I guess she’s the one component he didn’t calculate. Because she’s the one he loves, and who loves him; the one who can “release” him with her True Love. Only that he doesn’t want that. Now that everyone remembers, and now that it at least seemed as if Rumple had restored magic – but, as mentioned above, this doesn’t seem to be the case when one takes the sneak peek into consideration – I wonder what that could mean for Belle and his love. And if in this world she could still take away all his power with her True Love’s Kiss. But then, a spoiler said that there will be a Rumbelle kiss in the premiere, and I doubt that they’d just strip him of his powers (and whatever he still has of them) after just one season, so…
What makes this so interesting is that fact that, while Rumple appeared to be invincible until now – same applies for Mr. Gold – the EQ may just have had a very good reason to keep Belle alive. What was Emma before, with her being able to break the Curse and all, could now be Belle, as the one with the “power” to shake the whole balance of power in this and the fairytale world. Which makes Belle ultimately one of the most important characters (given my theory is correct).
As for the others: I’m pretty sure Pinocchio will be back. I certainly hope so because he’s grown on me. His history with Emma is touching, and I think I may even have started to ship them already. They would make a cute couple… but Scully/Mulder like, but still a cute couple.
Surely Snow and Charming will reconcile now, especially after that kiss, and I’m also certain that no one in Storybrooke will have a problem with that (the EQ is not in that list). And they should probably get to know her daughter… better. This will be a very tearful premiere if they go there and let everyone recognize the others – August and Dr. Hopper and Marco, or Mary Margaret and Ruby. Or Mary Margaret and Ashley. Belle and Rumple we already had (so sweet!!!), but I wonder what the dwarves will do.
Then we have the evil characters like Sidney (I loved Emma’s “ugh” reaction when she realized that he is in love with Regina – unrequited love though), Regina herself in whose shoes I don’t want to be right now (even though I did feel sorry for her when she mourned the loss of… whatever. Henry? Kinda doubt her motives here), and DA Spencer who really is a character you just want to hate – in both worlds. Also, I see some consequences coming up for Mr. Gold; however, knowing him, I guess he’ll soon be out of the line of fire again.
Can’t wait to see if the Huntsman really returns, in one way or another. Also, what fun would that be if Daniel came back… just imagine Regina’s True Love (handsome pal, btw) suddenly appearing at her doorstep… or at least Storybrooke’s doorstep. Mhh, but then that could be something for the series finale, to bring Regina back to the good side… only that the series finale I really don’t want to think about now. And not for a looooooong time 😉
Now one can speculate and all, but the central question has been asked already: Why aren’t they back in their world, now that the Curse is broken? And I guess that is exactly where it will get even more interesting.
Nine more days. I feel dead already.

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