Okay, I have a question regarding that beginning of the episode:

Who wrote that fanfiction?

So obviously I watch this with already some knowledge of what is going to happen in the following episodes, especially the fact that Maria Bello will be promoted to series regular. But did they know that already then, or at least that she would appear more often? Apparently so, since there is a history implied between Jack and Vance, so there must have been plans to keep her around.

Which makes the beginning of the episode, meaning Jack and Gibbs’ first meeting, all the more… fanfic-y.

I mean, let’s sum this up:

  • There is a storm, Jack get’s caught in it, because she has not much experience with storm.
  • She just so happens to be in Gibbs’ neighborhood.
  • Her car breaks down.
  • He is the only one who opens the door (go figure).
  • The look/smile on his face tells whole tales.
  • She loves coffee.
  • She doesn’t comment on his phone, which in turn he notices and really seems to like.
  • He instantly trusts her and leaves her alone in his house, despite only knowing her for what, ten or fifteen minutes?

One might start to believe in love at first sight here. It’s incredible. Especially how quickly he trusts her. Of course is Gibbs rather open, as is his door, but still we’ve also seen him remain suspicious towards most people.

Interesting is Jack coming into the NCIS and not being surprised about seeing Gibbs there. Did she talk to Leon before and tell him of her savior by name, only to learn who he is? Or did she even know him before she knocked on his door (well, his name anyways?) What she says to Leon in their conversation about an agent who is hard to handle, howeve,but doesn’t seem that she knows who she is talking about – and that it is the same man who gave her shelter.

When they are about to be officially introduced, Gibbs’ earlier friendliness and warm-hearted behavior when they were at his house. According to his reaction and her words he seems to think she did indeed know whose door she had knocked on. But did she?

Another thing that I find interesting is that he calls her Jack from the day one on. He doesn’t say Agent Sloane, or Dr. Sloane or anything. No, it’s Jack right away. He might glare at her, but he still has immediately taking a liking to her.

So yeah, they butt heads. Funnily enough, I think all of Gibbs’ love stories started with some misunderstanding or even sort-of resentment… And when she tells him the truth (and there it is, she did know whose door she was knocking on after all… which kinda destroys my fanfic theory), he smiles once more. He is impressed. She is a challenge, and he likes those. She shows to be person of strong character, and he likes those, too.

… and now that the episode is over I kind a feel stupid because everything I just theorized has been made null and void by the fact that Jack knew who Gibbs was and vice versa. But yeah, I thought the way she showed her ID should have looked odd or suspicious. At first I thought she was actually showing her NCIS credentials.

In any case will I stand with my opinion that there is something special, now already, and developing. Even without knowing the upcoming episodes I would have thought so.

I would for Gibbs to find a woman again, someone to love and who loves him. He deserves that, and Jack deserves it as well, seeing what she’s been through. Those two would be good for each other and with each other.

Plus, there are still two things: First, she loves coffee, that’s a fact, she is as addicted to it as Gibbs, even though she takes sugar in it. Second, I don’t believe her not commenting on his phone had anything to do with her objective. I don’t think she would have commented on it either way.

Side note: Bishop and Torres are a terrible case of slow-burn…

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