Let me start with the finale, even though the other episode was kinda more interesting in shipper terms.

So it was nice enough to watch, what with Gibbs seeing Diane, his friendship with Fornell and basically that sorta-marriage they have ongoing. It is quite hilarious.

But then, in the end, I really was… well, confused? I don’t know. It’s just, I haven’t been following news on the show or spoilers or anything. So when Ziva appeared, my first reaction – also because of the title “Daughters“, since we all know that there is some kind of father-daughter-thing going on between Gibbs and Ziva – was to laugh and think that after Diane was gone, Ziva was yet another hallucination. Then I did a double take and realized – woah, hold on, she is the real deal. Like – when did Cote decide to come back? I thought there had been bad blood when she left?

I mean, it’s great she is back. I wonder if there will also a return of Tony, just for an ep or so, and a family reunion. Imagine, Ziva and Tony and their daughter (oh look, another daughter) finally happily united? That might just be an idea for the series finale… or maybe for the ultimate last ep of those two (given Tony actually does return – after all is Michael Weatherly quite busy with BULL).

Anyways. There is this thing about Gibbs telling the others what he did, and I’m still wondering why they didn’t know yet? In terms of story telling not very cleverly done, if you ask me, simply because the audience has known for literal ages. Plus, I don’t really get what the big deal is. Gibbs killed a man in cold blood, okay, but it wasn’t exactly a good man, and he had killed Gibbs’ family.

Which brings me to the whole personally involved in a case and the rules-burning thing. And, thus, also to the episode 16×23, “Lost Time“.

I almost fell off my couch during that scene in Jack’s office with the psychiatrist woman (don’t know right now who she was, but I have seen her before).

I mean – did she really say what I think she said? Like – did she really just admit having feelings for a certain someone???!!! Or is that just my shipper goggles? Because if she truly did, the writers may just have paved the road for what I have read is at least a possibility. And seriously, I have said it before, these two seem kinda perfect for each other. Some people argue that there is too much baggage on both sides for it to work, but remember THE MENTALIST? Loads of baggage, and yet, in the end, it worked out. Perfectly.

In addition to that I see some significant connection between this part and Gibbs burning his rules. It could mean he is moving on, making his peace with the past.

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