So I just finished watched last night’s episode (after my alarm clock failed to wake me, argh) and…woah.

This seriously keeps getting better and better. Not in a sense of better for the characters, but right now, to my mind, these are some of the best SPN eps, along with the last two and, what I believe, also the upcoming ones, especially 10×20.
Now what is there to say. Cas got his Grace back. Finally. And it’s great and all, but… wasn’t the question Metatron asked, the summary of the whole situation he presented, when they were in the library much more interesting and important? Next to Sam and the Book business (always the same with the boys, but then I guess that’s what we expect of them, lol), this part was my favorite.
I hate to admit it, but Metatron is right. The mission Cas was once on, or claimed to be on, is not of importance anymore. Metatron is no danger anymore (or wasn’t at this time, but let’s just hope it stays like this…and yes, I know, it’s SPN, so I’ll hope in vain, shut up), and Hannah is managing Heaven, so what exactly is Cas still working for/towards? Certainly nothing relating to Heaven. His non-reaction, save for the eyeroll, tells its own story. Of course he wouldn’t reveal his plans to M. in any way, but his body language told me there’s more to it – and we all know what.
Most of us have this theory that Grace is what can heal Dean. It comes from everything we’ve seen and learned so far, as much as it does from this season’s title card.
I was about to say that with Rowena now being in the picture, needing Grace to cure the Mark is now out of question. That was until I saw that photo of Cas and Rowena Misha posted earlier. With Rowena in chains. If this is real, and actually taken from a scene, meaning if there is a meeting between Cas and Rowena where the latter is in chains, well…
Thing is, I can’t really imagine Grace being one of the ingredients for a cure that comes from the Book, but then I can. You see my dilemma?
I won’t start speculating about the whole, how Grace will help with healing the Mark. The way it looks now, all bets are off. It could be needed as part of the cure as it is written in the Book, or it could turn out to be an alternative cure, after all. It could be just a little bit, not affecting Cas (but probably Dean, and not just in the sense of curing him), or it could be all of it, forcing Cas to once again lose his Grace and become human, though this time probably voluntarily.
More important at this point are these words: All Dark Magic comes with a price. Once fans have come to that painful knowledge long ago already.
So let’s assume they actually do cure Dean with the Book. Let’s assume it happens even before the finale, or right at the beginning of the finale. Let’s assume we get a moment of happiness; of Winchesters At The Beach, or whatever they come up with.
Remember, there’s also Angel Heart coming up, so who knows what that will bring. Also remember Ruth Connell saying “They go there” (or something like that), something that still gives me a headache from thinking too much about it, since it can mean everything – a shipper’s mind of course will go right to the “OMG DESTIEL” sphere, whereas everyone else is probably thinking something along the lines of, one brother kills the other, or something like that.
But anyways, with the assumptions named above, my next one would be that the price will have to be paid at the very end of the season, when no one is actually thinking it will yet (not the characters, anyways – we will, of course), and that it will be something we didn’t expect in that severity. What if it is something no one expects? What if the Mark is cured, but somehow, for some reason, it comes back once more? What if it isn’t Sam who is killed by Dean then, but Cas?
Now, I don’t believe they’ll kill off either of these three for good (the brothers for natural reasons, Cas because they can’t possibly be that stupid), but then, are you ever really dean on SPN? Look at Bobby. Is Bobby possibly foreshadowing to the possibilities we have even if a character is “dead”?
I’ve been wondering why they brought Bobby back. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact, and I was happy to see Jim again. Plus, I think the boys need Bobby in their lives, in one way or another. Still, there could have been another way to do that, to open that door, one that didn’t involve Bobby. So the question I’m asking now is – was that meant to tell us something? Something that goes beyond that episode and doesn’t include Bobby, but in general a hint to what is actually possible for people who are in Heaven? That they are not locked in and mindlessly caught in a day on repeat?
Imagine what would happen if Sam or human!Cas (assuming his Grace is needed to heal Dean) are killed and go to Heaven (this is hoping human!Cas would actually go to Heaven). I’ve been saying this last season already – it would give us interesting opportunities, and even more so now that Hannah’s in charge and Heaven’s being restored.
My personal favorite would be Dean & Cas working together on Earth while Sam helps from Heaven. Where he assembles everyone we know. Yeah, let me dram for a while before my heart gets ripped out in a couple of weeks, okay?
I’ve not yet taken into account that Metatron has the Demon Tablet, but I’m actually unsure what to make of it. I can imagine him working with Crowley, though I do hope Crowley had better taste. And, of course, that our favorite King Of Hell, survives this season. Other than that… no idea. Of course does Demon Tablet ring alarm bells when one considers that Dean is still a demon, but… Metatron once again ruining the boys’ game? Nah, too easy, and too boring.
Anyways, these are my… very confusing, messed up, unsorted thoughts.
Actually, I have no idea. Lol. But I can’t wait! 🙂

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