When you are completely excited, it happens that you miss something, or think to much and mess up facts. Happens to me on a regular basis and has me – on that same regular basis – bang my head on the desk, against a wall, or whatever is close in that moment.
Anyways. Here’s an addition/correction to what I wrote about the 2×11+2×12 spoilers, and some new speculations, including everything up to episode 2×14 and the new promo for 2×10.

I speculated that the stranger could be Neal. However, I completely forgot about the other already known facts and spoilers, like Neal meeting up with Emma and August outside Storybrooke (set pictures for 2×14 I think), and that another spoiler said that it will be Gerhardt, the brother of Whale, coming to Storybrooke. Which, as a consequence, means, that a) Gerhardt somehow also came to our world without being affected by the Curse, and that b) Whale doesn’t seem to recognize him. At least does the spoiler sound like this; but this may just be to throw us off.
Still it is a very interesting fact that Gerhardt is one of those from FTL outside SB… and that he is still alive. According to the original Frankenstein, I think he should be dead… or, well, undead. Here it seems as if he’s a normal person, a living one. And he finds his way to Storybrooke, something else that is unusual, as so far no one came to SB safe for Emma and August – who have both some connection to people inside SB and were brought there in one way or another. But how would Gerhardt know, and why would he only show up now? And anyways, how come he’s in our world? Many questions again… not that we’re not used to it with ONCE 😉
In the 2×10 promo, we see Hook standing somewhere in the woods and holding a gun. Pointing at someone, clearly. My first thought was – please don’t let it be Rumple or Belle. Okay, first thought one has to have, of course. Doesn’t seem all that logical though. Well. Then I had “Hat Trick” playing and saw Jefferson with his gun – which made me theorize that maybe Hook got his gun from Jefferson. On the other hand it would make no sense – Jefferson has no reason to help Hook. Even more, we don’t know yet of his relationship with Rumple (or Gold), but it is very well possible that those two are on neutral grounds with each other, or that they even have something like a… mhh… non-aggression pact. Plus, there is this thing with Jefferson freeing Belle and sending her to Rumple – which, for all it’s worth, was helping Rumple. Maybe it was even more bringing a disadvantage to Regina, but still, Jefferson must have known of Belle’s significance for Rumple, and how much she means to him, otherwise he wouldn’t have had a reason to send Belle to Gold. He wanted Belle to tell Rumple that Regina had locked her up – and to make that of any relevance to Rumple, to wake his anger against Regina with it, Jefferson must have known that Rumple would care; and how he would. So whom did he know it from? Rumple himself, or Regina perhaps?
Then there is the photos. Set pics that show no one less than Mr. Gold getting out of a car outside Storybrooke in a city that is supposed to be New York. With him are Emma and Henry. I can’t even begin to describe how excited this makes me. The only thing I wonder about is why he leaves back Belle. Does he already know that Hook is in SB? Then it would be really hard to understand that he would leave her back, since she’ll definitely be in danger. Ed&Adam also hinted at that in the new Lightning Round.
Saturday I was talking to Spooky, and we agreed that Belle’s death – which I still hope will never happen (not while the show is still on, anyways) – would throw Rumple completely off whatever fragile balance he possesses. Of course is his purpose and his objection in life to find Bae; but in my opinion, and taking into consideration everything he’s done so far ever since he met Belle and fell in love with her, it’s safe to assume that she has a vital part in him keeping mental health.
Now, I have no idea where this show could possibly be heading. If course there is this road that will lead us to Belle’s untimely death, Rumple’s insanity (even if he finds Bae), and then his death as well, maybe even a sacrifice in the very end of the show. For sure this is nothing I want to see – Rumple is one of the most important characters, and is already a tragic figure of some sort. Ending this with his death, especially since he’s extremely popular (as is Rumbelle), would disappoint a lot of people, and I hope that this is not in Ed&Adam’s interest.
Besides, Belle is in many spoilers that are about upcoming episodes, so until now, there seems to be no danger. Instead, Rumple and Belle may just get closer again *big shipper hope moment here*
That leaves the question who Hook is aiming at. 2×10 is called “The Cricket Game” and involves the death of “one of the town’s most beloved fairytale characters”, according to the press release. That could mean that Hook encounters Archie when he is walking his dog in the forest, and is then killed by Hook because he’s seen him and could give his arrival away where he still wants to keep it a secret. It is said that the people of Storybrooke won’t know of Hook’s and Cora’s arrival just now, as in, just in the next episode.
The only thing that seems to speak against it is that in the Lightning Round it was said that Archie will seek Belle’s help (as opposed to the other way around, like it was asked by a fan). And it sounded like it would happen later on, not in 2×10. It is, however, possible, that it all happens in one episode… which make the theory of Archie being the one who’ll die once again the one that comes with the most reasonable explanation…
At that point would also irritate me that Hook suddenly turns this violent; he’s never, not as far as we’ve seen it, seriously harmed anyone without a good reason. He has to be really desperate and by now also slightly crazy to do that. Who knows what influence SB can have on people who lived in post-Curse FTL?
Jefferson, Rumple and Emma have guns – at least they the ones we’ve seen with one. Could Hook try to pin the murder on Rumple to make him an easier aim? But Rumple is free and, as said above, even goes with Emma and Henry to New York (and no, I won’t even start to interpret that…)
And, as a side note: if Hook really kills Archie, we can scratch Captain Swan…
In any way – even with what appears many information there are still so many puzzle pieces missing that I’m already afraid to watch the upcoming eps… until the season finale, I will definitely reach 20 pages of review… O.o

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