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1×06 – The Shepherd

  • David remembering still has me confused. He sees the windmill and knows suddenly? I suppose it was rather Regina… or maybe even Rumple? But Rumple has no interest at this point in anyone remembering their wrong life, plus I’m not even sure Rumple himself remembers anything yet… I know he regained memories of his real life earlier than the others, but was it quite so early?
  • Somehow I thought the first Charles – the one that perished – was a much less likable fella. Here however he seems nice enough.
  • I can’t remember if there was some deeper sense to the whole Mary Margaret/Dr. Whale story. Here I rather like their interaction and his more or less taking care of her, in a total no nonsense way. Still, strange, and nothing that seems to have any kind of future.
  • Speaking of, David’s reaction – I have feelings for you, but now that I remember my wife, I wanna be with her anyways because it’s the right thing to do – is a real dick move. It also doesn’t fit the character imo.

1×07 – The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

  • So Graham kissing Emma is basically the first glimpse at the breaking spell. What is interesting though is that he doesn’t stop when it doesn’t work with Regina, even though he just implied when talking to Emma that he has an interest in her. It seems like he is trying to experience again what he just saw when kissing Emma, but then he doesn’t stop when he kisses Regina and is not seeing anything (because we know he isn’t).
  • I suppose Graham’s problem is too much heart. Well, the huntsman’s problem anyways.
  • As EQ, Lana has a very strange posture. Not straight and regal, but somehow… folded in. Is it played like this, or is it the costumes perhaps?
  • Is Regina aware that Emma can break the Curse? I’m not sure, but I suppose if she was, she would have done a lot more to make her leave…
  • Killing Graham doesn’t make much sense. So okay, Jamie Dornan wanted to leave I think because of the Abuse-Movies (still such a shame), but what sense does it make for Regina to kill him? Because she had to fear him remembering fully – as he did in the end because of Emma? Other than that, him leaving her alone is not enough reason to kill him; not even for Regina.

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July 2020