1×13 – What Happened To Frederick

  • It’s funny that they would call Rumple a coward. David is so much worse, because he lies to the woman he loves, and then lies to yet another he is married to. Apparently he doesn’t have the balls to end one thing to start another. He is your typical cliche guy who only wants the advantages, but doesn’t want to deal with the not so nice aspects.

1×14 – Dreamy

  • Does anyone else think that dwarves hatching from eggs is a little… strange? To put it nicely.
  • Isn’t it funny (not as in haha) how quick people are to judge? Like, Katherine has never before shown up, and apparently she only came out of thin air. But everyone sides with her, and MM is the bad one. After all, if you are precise, it’s David who should take the blame. And hey, that’s coming from me, someone who is really no fan of MM.
  • When Emma and David talk now, I tend to forget that they not yet know who they really are, that they are father and daughter, so their talks are strangely distant and full of suspicion from Emma’s side especially.
  • That whole Dreamy/Nova story is very much the one of, a fish and a bird can never be in love, because where would they live?
  • I’m actually surprised no one saw Leroy up there on the roof. Or at least MM, since she was dressed in bright clothes. So that this whole thing didn’t backfire is quite amazing…

1×15 – Red-Handed

  • So obviously, family ties by blood remained despite the Curse, but not ties by marriage or else. Except for, of course, Emma/Snow/Charming. But Granny and Ruby are still the same, as were Hansel and Gretel with the father, even though they had to find him first. Although, there are Cinderella and her guy… huh… and Belle’s father doesn’t seem to miss anything (or anyone, for that matter). Okay, so maybe I stand corrected. For the time being at least.
  • Snow and Red seem to be stand-ins for Snow-White (oh look) and Rose-Red, according to their clothes. Those were sisters who gave home to a bear who was grateful for their help, and when later they helped a dwarf, but he only reacted aggressively, the bear appeared and killed the dwarf. in the following the bear turned into a prince who married Snow-White, whereas Rose-Red married the prince’s brother. Now we only have to find out who is who in that story…
  • That whole jumping back and forth in time and the story is hard to follow even when you know the story. Like here, we have Snow and Red talking about special someones in their lives, and Snow says there is no one. And there truly isn’t – because when Snow and Charming meet, Snow is already friends with Red, so their first meeting is long before there is a Charming in Snow’s life.
  • Making Little Red Riding Hood the Wolf is kinda a clever idea and twist.
  • It’s also interesting that the Curse obviously broke the wolf curse or at least put it to rest for the time being. In FTL there is only the cloak to stop her from being the wolf – but here she suddenly doesn’t turn anymore. Unless, of course, there was no full moon since time wasn’t running before Emma arrived.

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